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  1. Selling my Orion Optics UK VX14 1/10wave F4.6 Dobsonian with base and variable brake. Bought new by me from OrionOptics April '15. Fitted with amazingly accurate and simple to use Nexus push-to system by Astro Devices. Bought new by me June '15. Both in vgc. Reason for sale is I simply don't use the kit enough. Price for the scope with Nexus fitted is £1350. Collect only. NWNorfolk. PS Once the scope has gone, I will also be selling all my other kit including Ethos and Delos EPs ... watch this space.
  2. Hi Crashtestdummy

    Is this the SCA cosshair Hotech collimator here ? If so I would like to buy it.

    I see like me you are a cyclist though I am having to sell my kit due to prostate problems. As an alternative to cash would you consider a swap for an Adamo prostate saddle  https://www.evanscycles.com/ism-adamo-road-saddle-EV206699?country=GB&currency=GBP&esvt=1078-GOUKE309040&esvq=&esvadt=999999-0-34088-1&esvcrea=61231349576&esvplace=&esvd=c&esvo=EV206699-NA-WHT&esvaid=50080&gclid=COWytbDvsMsCFVTNGwodNLEACQ which according to my Strava has been sat on for only 606 miles. If not the swap, happy to pay the £££s

    I'm out from 11 till mid afternoon today so cant reply till say 4pm


    1. crashtestdummy


      It's the very same as the first light optics one ad that's where I originally bought it from.sorry, not interested in a swap 

    2. Dendroica



      Back home now. One final question does it come with original packing and instructions?


  3. I enjoyed trying to ID all the galaxies in your image using SkySafari...thanks! (theres a couple arrows that don't point at anything though, not sure where they came from)
  4. Thanks everyone for your replies. Those Pretty Deep Maps are awesome!
  5. My astronomy has got more serious recently and I need to do something about dew. I'm going to start off with a dew heater for the eyepiece and the secondary. Will these be suitable for both? http://www.firstlightoptics.com/dew-prevention/astrozap-dew-heater-tapes.html I'm hinking they might be narrow enough to wrap around the secondary stalk. I note that Kendrick do these which are secondary specific but they cost a whole lot more. http://www.kendrickastro.com/newtonian.html I'm planning to use this as the controller. http://www.kendrickastro.com/newtonian.html Any other suggestions? I'm planning to power them with a Tracer 8 or 10 Ah battery (which will also power the Nexus) I'm a purely visual observer. Any advice welcome and thanks in advance :-)
  6. When it's cloudy I like to look at deep sky images and try to ID those little smudges that aren't the subject of the imager but which they might have imaged accidentally. I have SkySafari 4 Pro but sometimes it doesn't go deep enough. Can anyone recommend an online (preferably free and user friendly) software package that will let me go that bit deeper and ID some of these fainter smudges! Many thanks ...
  7. SkySafari 4Pro works on your iPhone IPad Android or tablet. The iPhone screen would be a bit small for me. Info here SkySafari 4 Pro on iOS https://appsto.re/gb/jnPTT.iAttached are two screenshots. First with Telrad circles, the second with the field of two of my eyepieces suitably flipped and inverted to show the actual orientation in your Dob. You can customise this view to show your own eyepiece view.
  8. I've recently got serious about stargazing and it's easy to get sucked in to spending loads (like I have!) But my best two purchases to date are relatively cheap: 1. Telrad. Not only a finder but with the scaled circles it's a great aid to star hopping. It's like a ruler in the sky! 2. SkySafari Pro. Simple to use and got everything you'll need to help you find, record and structure your observing. You can set it for your scope, Telrad and eyepiece combo so what's in your ep is what's on the screen (flipped inverted as you like) Object info at touch of the screen and easy to make lists of your targets and record them.
  9. Thanks everyone for the advice. The shed isn't an obsy as such just a place to store the Dob and carry it the few yards out to my two observing positions in the garden. I'll keep other astro bits and bobs in there, have a shelf and chair to sit on during an observing session when necessary. I'll also run the iPad with SkySafari inside. Shed is 4m x 2m with a single sloping roof partitioned equally between my half and the wifes! There'll be an external door in each half, with one window in the there half. I'm building on a concrete base and my plan is to overlap the cladding 2" or 3'"down the sides of the base. Any advice on cladding? I think everyone votes' Iinsulate!' so I'll follow the collective advice. I've been researching insulation. Options seem to be bubble wrap, foil covered bubble wrap, glass fibre wool or blocks of polystyrene or Celotex like material. I will board over the insulation. Any thoughts? Should I insulate the concrete floor? I could put down some 3' x 2" joists with board over and attach 1' insulation leaving a 1" air gap to the concrete? or is their a better way? The roof is going to be several sheets of 8' x 4'. I had planned to cover this with a water permeable membrane on the outside and then best quality roofing felt over that but not sure the best way to insulate the roof on the inside? Finally ... ventilation! I was going to put a couple of vents in the external walls and if I put in a wooden insulated floor over the concrete base I guess a couple of vents wouldn't go amiss in the floor as well? Ive never attempted a DIY project like this before so any help will be gratefully received. Thanks!
  10. I'm building a wooden shed close to my two observing positions in the garden. One half will house my Dob and other Astro bits and bobs, in the other half (separated by partition) will be gardening paraphernalia. Should I insulate the shed? The location is sheltered and south facing. The old shed used to get roasting hot inside and the wife wants a window in 'her' half. Thinking what's best ... storing scope at a generally lower temperature in an insulated shed or quicker cool down time in non-insulated? Thanks for any advice. Dave
  11. Many thanks going to give it a try later. Dave
  12. Can anyone help remove them on a MacBook? Please!
  13. Sorry to hear about that. Hopefully if you get a replacement pair they'll be fine. Fingers crossed!
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