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  1. The images dont look great but depends how they were taken? If I just put my phone camera up to an eyepiece for example I wouldnt expect much more than this. Hope you enjoy the new telescope
  2. I know there has been a million of these photos so sorry! My best shot from last night. Really happy to have got a proper look at it before it disappears.
  3. Just a quick phone photo of a single shot on my DSLR screen. Beautifully clear here. Great night
  4. What is the focal length of your scope? If it is 850mm then I would be tempted to get the 5mm for 170x magnification rather than 106x from the 8mm. That's presuming you mainly want it for planetary viewing. The 8km would be more versatile for some deep sky objects. When viewing planets I guess I use around 150-300× magnification usually.
  5. Not sure about that one. I would guess the same as you. Mighy dictate the area of the sensor used perhaps? I'd go with 4k
  6. A boost of more than 30% light gathering if you step up from 130mm to 150mm, so it's pretty considerable. My personal thoughts would be to invest in eyepieces first. I have never used the astro essential plossly but there design and price suggest they are fairly modest. I have been amazed at the difference using a £50 eyepiece over a £20 one. Especially at short focal lengths which is what you want for planetary and lunar detail. I would buy good quality 6 and 9mm eyepieces. ✌
  7. Hi Lee, I would ask what it is about your current view with the 130 that you want to upgrade. That might point you in the right direction. Brighter - go for more aperture. Even a 150 will make a noticeable difference. Sharper image - maybe try out a refractor to see how much difference you get. Sturdier mount - maybe you dont new a new scope at all. Having said that, I have no idea what quality your eyepieces are and an upgrade there can make an old scope feel new. Mike
  8. I know it seems weird, but you might better more detail in cropped video than in 4k. I'm no expert but basically you have more sensors on your camera chip than pixels in a 4k image, I think! So a tiny detail from the chip might get lost in translation to 4k. Whereas crop video pulls out one pixel per 'sensor' on the chip. That's why it only uses part of the sensor and the picture appears more magnified. I guess it depends on the individual camera but it is something worth looking at.
  9. Cropping will give you a 1:1 pixel ratio for your image and is the optimal way to pick up planetary detail. Use this video mode if you can for all planetary photography.
  10. If I use my 32mm eyepiece to look at the full moon through my 8inch, 200p, I can just see the central shadow. I'm 33 years old and the above set up creates a 6.5mm exit pupil. The effect is impossible to notice on any planets or deep sky objects. Might be useful.
  11. I have exactly the same camera! Again, not purchased for astrophotography but I have been suprised at how capable it is. I only have the stock lens tho so widefield images only unless I have it attached to the telescope. Tonight's forecast is excellent here so pretty confident I should get something. Nice photos.
  12. Still yet to catch this beauty. My partner and I are shacked up on a mini break in the wye valley and I have scoped out a nice spot with a good northern horizon. Hoping to catch it tonight. I havent got a telescope with me as we travelled light but do have a DSLR, tripod and 10x50's
  13. I'm not sure I am referring to them with the right name. I have the 200p explorer. The black tube. I can collimate well enough with the three primary mirror screws. Then next to each screw is a taller, narrower, finger screw that just touches up against the mirror if tightened. I fail to see how these screws do anything? If I tighten them too much surely I will move the mirror? If they are loose they are obviously doing nothing. If they are just touched up against the mirror what are they even doing? Thanks ✌
  14. Yep, looks pretty good. I would be happy with that anyway.
  15. Ok thanks, that's good to know. To be honest I am so bad at processing that I literally follow a bullet point list of instructions online because the photo editor software overwhelms me. I have never used computers of work or pleasure. Will look into the processing process
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