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  1. I'm not sure I am referring to them with the right name. I have the 200p explorer. The black tube. I can collimate well enough with the three primary mirror screws. Then next to each screw is a taller, narrower, finger screw that just touches up against the mirror if tightened. I fail to see how these screws do anything? If I tighten them too much surely I will move the mirror? If they are loose they are obviously doing nothing. If they are just touched up against the mirror what are they even doing? Thanks ✌
  2. Yep, looks pretty good. I would be happy with that anyway.
  3. Ok thanks, that's good to know. To be honest I am so bad at processing that I literally follow a bullet point list of instructions online because the photo editor software overwhelms me. I have never used computers of work or pleasure. Will look into the processing process
  4. Thankyou for your comments. Yes I'm learning that you can get OK photos of a basic setup. Wouldnt a brighter sky make the stars more difficult to see tho??
  5. Just the oddball up at this hour! Finished a very basic M13 by your standards but probably my best photo to date. Just packing up for bed. Any joy tonight?
  6. M13 taken tonight, only my third real long exposure photo, pretty happy with it. First time I have used flat frames which helped massively with vignetting compared to my last effort which was M81/82. 200p on an EQ5 with single axis motor run on batteries, unguided, 84x30sec exposures.
  7. Beautiful, wouldnt mind a look through that. Love a classic long frac. Also, I know I cant help myself but... I often see spirit levels on equatorial mounts. You are wasting your time, no need for the tripod to be level. Sorry
  8. That's not how science works. Do you have evidence to prove there isn't a zebra in my attic?
  9. I believe this is known as the 'ashen light'. It is debated as to whether it is real or an optical illusion. I have never seen it myself but many have.
  10. Sorry I have looked for topics about this because I thought there would be one but I cant find it. Tonight at 9:30 BST the manned space x dragon rocket will launch from Florida. Some newspaper websites suggest it will be visible from the uk 15 minutes later passing from west to east on the southern side of the sky. This is the first manned space launch from US soil in 10 years and the first ever manned space launch from a private company. Does anybody have better info than me and will it actually be visible? Also I have read suggestions that we might be able to see separation of rocket and capsule. Mike ✌
  11. The big bang started space-time, so there wasn't a before. Also read up on the heat death of the universe. I have just finished 'welcome to the universe' by neil degrasse tyson. Really great read that looks at alot of topics like the OP stated. I think unfortunately for us normal people, we just dont have the level of intelligence to really seriously consider the question. Try reading the black hole chapter in Steven hawking's brief history of time! Your sub atomic physics needs to be world class to even understand the question properly. And mine certainly is not!
  12. Yeah satellites will flare sometimes if they catch the light but I believe the object in discussion was not moving across the sky? I also didnt think anybody got a picture of it? I'm confused.
  13. The position of the other planets is irrelevant to mercury. Every year is the same for mercury so 2025 will be no better. Basically mercury does what it does over 88 days, then it repeats that over and over. Mercury is never more than 28 degrees from the sun so you will never see it in a dark sky. It will always be up for less than an hour before sunrise or after sunset.
  14. Great photo thanks for sharing!
  15. Ah ok, I dont have goto or anything so had to wait until I could find venus naked eye and go from there. Was half an hour after sunset by the time I got it in the scope. Thanks
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