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  1. I have a 200p on an eq5. Generally this set up has served me well. However, as more cameras and attachments start to add weight to the OTA the add-on motor starts to loose consistently. Also the locking system on the axiis are not brilliant, wear down over time and there is a little play in the RA axis which is annoying. I find it can be a hard mount to balance well. Finally I have had issues with screw heads snapping off on more tha one occassion! I've considered upgrding to a sturdy, quality mount with inbuilt motor (I don't want goto). I'm willing do pay for quality but would be reluctant to give away more than three figures. Astrophotography is not my main concern at all. However I do like to attach the DSLR from time to time with my T ring adaptor. Is there an upgrade worth making without spending thousands? Thanks, Mike
  2. Eyepiece sorted, ring sorted, trip to dark skies for her birthday and full moon august 16-20th sorted! Just praying for clear skies. Will post an update end of august. Thanks for everybodys help and advice. Mike
  3. So hopefully the 20th of this month will be a clear night and I can test it out for real! Im a huge fan of the iss idea! I wonder how big the banner would have to be.....
  4. Quick pictures, one taken through assembled eyepiece looking at computer screen. Think a bold font may come out cleaner but the moon might do a good job of cleaning up the mucky bits. Please dont share these pictures around too much. You never know whose watching!!
  5. So everthing is going better than expected. Eye picked up from post office this morning. After some experimenting and taking apart the eyepiece i have found the focal plane sits about 2mm away from the field stop in the direction of the eye lens. Size 4 text on microsoft word printed onto overhead projector slide. Cut to fit conveniently into circular recess on the top of the field stop. Reassemble eyepice and there it is! Even without telescope, jut viewing through the yepiece in daylight revealed sharp black text almost perfectly in focus. ☺ Now just to decide on a font, then delicately glue the acetate into place. I will try to take a photo through the eyepiece when i am done.
  6. Haha, very true. I started with can you read me? But i wanted the right amount of letters. All top secret stuff going on here!
  7. So just been messing with the laser printer at work and it prints very small! The top text is 8mm by 7mm and the printer can go smaller! So if i get some printable clear overhead projector style slides we should be good to go!
  8. Did not think of the barlow idea. Might need to consider if i have real trouble with the size of the writing. Im sure somewhere at my workplace woulf have a laser printer, will test how small ot can print when i get the chance. Thanks
  9. Really greatful for tons of useful responses. I have an eyepiece sorted on its way to me soon. I hought some printable acetate sheets and a super fine marker pen. Think i will only have approx 8mm diameter to work with for the message written on acetate and placed directly over the field stop. Will post some photos as i get to started on the project. Mike
  10. Movement should be too much of an issue as my motor works well. I was looking at the stock sky watcher 10mm plossl. I used to have one but sold it when i upgraded. Ok amazing i will pm you. Thanks.
  11. I had thought about the filter idea but i dont think it would come to focus? I could be wrong... Will look for a cheap plossl, on advice above im looking at 10mm, giving me 100x mag. Im guessin a cheap plossl will have around 40degrees fov. Will i fit the whole moon in this?
  12. Haha yeah good point! Ive got the motor working well on the eq5. Buying a cheap eyepiece might be a good idea tho, moon will look great through almost anything.
  13. Thanks so much for all the help. Small mistake, i have the slv not npl eyepieces. Might be a little more complex. I will investigate after work today. Might br able to use a barlow to help too perhaps.
  14. So on further research it seems the field stop might be between lenses? The eyepiece in question in a plossl, vixen npl.
  15. Ok great thanks, so somehow dropping it into the barrel up to the field stop. Thats the narrow hole right?
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