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  1. You don't say what your mount is. Is it an EQ5 with a Synscan handset and an illuminated reticule? If so, you should be able to adjust the reticule illumination in Utility functions.
  2. Hi, and welcome to SGL from me near Exeter. Allan
  3. I've been glued to this broadcast - brilliant engineering, brilliant science.
  4. Nebulosity (not free software) has a useful Blink feature for comparing images. Have a look at the tutorial video in http://www.stark-labs.com/help/nebulositytutorials/tutorials.html Allan
  5. I have greatly enjoyed reading the posts in this topic, and returning to the original theme I was curious to know who were the judges. One was Wolfgang Tillmans. A couple of quotes from that essential source Wikipedia: Tillmans was the first photographer - and also the first non-English person - to be awarded the Tate annual Turner Prize. Total Solar Eclipse Grid (1998), a set of which was included in his Turner Prize installation and is now in the permanent collection of the Tate, documents the spectacle of a solar eclipse. Each of the 21 photographs in the grid was taken during the eclipse of his immediate surroundings in a tropical locale, with varying degrees of light and detail. Took me a little while to find an image, but here's a link: I make no comment, just curious. Allan
  6. This could be because Windows 10 and Prolific don't get along. I changed to FTDI cables, and replaced my existing eqdir with an FTDI eqdir from Astronomiser. Worked out of the box, no problem. http://astronomiser.co.uk/eqdir.htm Allan
  7. I echo what Jokehoba says about the interval. Using, say 3-4 sec is usually adequate, and you are less likely to lose the star if there is a passing cloud. Allan
  8. Thanks, Grant. Looking forward to it. Now I will start organising a hired motorcaravan as I sold mine a few weeks ago - it hadn't been off the drive since SGLXI and was starting to look a bit more than decrepit. Allan
  9. +1 for FTDI and Astronomiser's eqdir cable
  10. I use Nebulosity partly because it links to PHD and makes PHD pause when it is downloading, thus avoiding conflicts on USB ports. Artemis is useful at the beginning of the evening for getting focus in a full frame loop, and at the end of the evening for warming up the Atik slowly. If anything goes wrong when Artemis is running, it sometimes completely hangs the camera and may even need a reboot to get going again. That's happened too often. Is it me? I had a look at SGP a few months ago, but I am happy with simple Nebulosity scripts for sequencing (which I rarely use, anyway) and Astrotortilla (free) for plate solving, so I didn't keep it. Allan
  11. Here's what I use - If you have an Android tablet, have a look at DSLR Controller. You get a live view so that you can control focus, set various options and do multiple frames. https://dslrcontroller.com/about.php Allan
  12. Booked 5 nights and food
  13. Always beats a tinned stew.
  14. In case you haven't come across it before, Stellarium's Starlore includes Egyptian and many other constellation patterns. Allan
  15. Here's an extract from a post I made two years ago - "I normally use Alignmaster for PA on a tripod, but when I put my pier in [2013] I could not get "perfect" alignment. I then read that unless the base is totally level, Alignmaster can miss a bit - my pier head adjustment was still a bit less than a degree off level after constant fiddling. So I used the PHD method and got spot on." One of these nights I really must get round to checking it again.
  16. If you want to be exact, use Astrotortilla (other software is available) to plate solve. It gives the rotation of the image, so you could adjust your camera until rotation is satisfactory. Allan
  17. With Windows 10 driver problem, I have scrapped all my prolific cables and changed to FTDI. Originally I bought a cable to connect to Synscan hand controller, but then I discovered, and bought an EQ Direct FTDI from Astronomiser. Works no problem.
  18. AllanJ

    SGL XI Chit Chat

    Great video, Tich, thanks for putting in the effort . Allan
  19. AllanJ

    SGL XI Chit Chat

    Another very enjoyable SGL star party. Stayed Sunday night and it was well worth it from the very colourful sunset to the clear night sky that followed. Good to catch up with people I've met over the last few years, learning some new things about astronomy and long exposure viking burning photography. Came home with a lot of my beer untouched - the cafe's This and Wotever Next slid down very easily. Many thanks to the organisers, looking forward to the next one. Allan
  20. Left it to the last minute to decide, then just kept adding stuff "just in case". HEQ5 and the ED66 that usually gets used for guiding, but I thought I might do some unguided slightly wider field imaging with it; modded 1000D that I haven't had a chance to use since I got it in November, bins, reading glasses for when I'm in the van out of the rain, pirate patch for my watery eye if I do actually look through a scope (with the other eye, of course). I'll give the PST a miss though. Or maybe I might need it just in case.
  21. Daytime photography for me please. All I ever use in daylight is auto, anything else looks worse.
  22. AllanJ

    SGL XI Chit Chat

    Now is the time I had planned to set off. Well, call me a Weakly Interacting Massive Particle, but I like to relax driving my motorcaravan to Lucksall. It's currently gusting at 50+mph here at Exeter, one of the Severn bridges is closed, and it doesn't look as if the weather will be calm and balmy after lunch (but you know what the Met Office is like - actually, they are forecasting a clear sky down here tonight). So, with my sympathies to the MACHOS in tents, I'm going to postpone my travel until tomorrow morning. I think I'll go to the cinema and see Hail, Caesar! Until tomorrow, then. Allan
  23. AllanJ

    SGL XI Chit Chat

    Well, that's the van mostly packed; just a few things to do this afternoon then I can head off into the rain and gales tomorrow mid-morning, aiming to arrive lunchtime. Or later.
  24. AllanJ

    SGL XI Chit Chat

    Tich, I hope you are leaving some clear skies for when the rest of us arrive
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