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  1. Tablet / Phone mount for the AZ100

    Had bought the tablet / phone holder earlier to use with the AZ100 but now sorted it out. 

    The holder is a very nice aluminium one with a clamping knob on the back that you can use to set the height of the jaws but also has a screw clamp on the top to lock the tablet / phone in place. Works really well.

    Had a mini tilt head to mount the holder on but replaced the tension adjustment screws with adjustable thumb levers so tension could be adjusted without a hex key. Used an inside corner bracket to attach the holder / tilt head to a short Geoptik dovetail bar.

    So a neat little setup that fits on one of the dovetail saddle and can be tilted or turned to just the right position.




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  2. Another recommendation for the Baader fluid.  Allways apply the fluid to the cloth and never spray directly onto the eyepiece. And use a blower to blow any dust off first.

    Lens pens don’t last very long and soon start breaking down and leaving more debris behind than they remove. 

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  3. I’d go for the SW 6x30 RACI finder for an optical finder and if you wanted a Rigel Quickfinder reflex sight for a wide angle zero magnification finder. Use the Rigel to get you in the area and the RACI to zero in. 

    Some like having both types of finder so it’s an option.

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  4. Perhaps not allowing new members to post sales ads for a certain time after joining the forum. Would inconvenience new members perhaps but think they would understand the requirement. 

    Also perhaps not allowing new menbers to view the wanted section for a certain time as well.

    As to new members PMing about selling something that can easily be dealt with by any member receiving such an offer reporting it.

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