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  1. The Synta group are now the worlds biggest telescope manufacturers. Synta own Celestron and Skywatcher. Meade filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy in the US  a while ago and their future is a bit uncertain. They will most probably will be acquired by new owners but who knows what will happen. 🤔


  2. Had one on a Nexstar 8SE and the biggest benefit was being able to focus without vibrating the scope. An add on crayford wouldn’t have fitted and would have been too heavy. An ideal solution where weight and mount clearance are an issue. It’s surprising how much of an improvement it is over the stock focuser arrangement and does reduce mirror flop.

    Of course there are better solutions if you have the clearance and weight is not an issue.. FT on my old CPC1100


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  3. Made in the same factory and can have any brand name the buyer chooses. Many eyepieces and other items are the same but sold under several brands. Sometime the buyer may have different rubber moldings made to make them look a bit different.

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