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  1. Celestron NexYZ 3-AXIS Universal Smartphone Holder

    In perfect working order.


    For some reason only comes with rubber on one of the jaws and the other is hard plastic but I have fitted rubber to the other jaw so it grips much better. 

    Three-axis adjustment. Centre it over the eyepiece with the X and Y knobs, and then move up or down over the eyepiece until you have the entire field of view in your shot.

    Payment:  PayPal ( buyer pays fees) or Bank Transfer.





  2. A Synta 8-24 zoom for my smartphone setup. Same as the Celestron branded zoom but just cheaper. 🙂

    Wanted a zoom with a t thread on the top to use with my TS smartphone holder. The TS holder is really solid as it’s basically an ali plate with an adaptor at one end to attach to the t thread on the eyepiece. Zero flexing. Dead easy to set up the phone as well. 👍🏻





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  3. The Orion 6x30 RACI finder is available on Amazon but at 69 quid delivered. Eeeek !!!. 🙀🙀🙀

    Bought the SW one a couple of weeks ago for my ScopeTech80 as I wanted sonething lighter than the 9x50.

  4. I found the Vixen HR 3.4mm worked really well on the moon with the F15. Of course that was with good seeing.

    They could do with making the f/15 tube a bit shorter to allow for more infocus. I suppose as the scope was designed for the Japanese market where they tend to observe without a diagonal  that wasn’t a consideration. 

    There is a solution.............. 🪚🪚🪚

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