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  1. The big problem with the correct  image 1.25” diagonals on Amazon and eBay is that the “correct image” description is misleading and allmost all are actually just regular mirror diagonals. Many even describe their diagonals as prism mirror diagonals. 🙄 Bit of Chinese to English mistranslation I think.🤔j

    I ordered a correct image prism diagonal off Amazon which turned out to be just a regular mirror diagonal, Tried orering another correct image prism diagonal and ypu guessed it turned out to be another mirror diagonal. Both of course sent back.

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  2. The Baader prisms are excellent and far more adapable  than the Tak prism. Thregular Baader prism is 32mm clear aperture and the Zeiss version 34mm clear aperture. As they use T2 threads you can fit 1.25” or 2” eyepiece holders and nosepieces.



    In regular dielectric mirror diagonals I like the WO one but does have a slightly reduced clear aperture as does the SW.


    However the SW one is pretty good.


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