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  1. I found the Vixen HR 3.4mm worked really well on the moon with the F15. Of course that was with good seeing.

    They could do with making the f/15 tube a bit shorter to allow for more infocus. I suppose as the scope was designed for the Japanese market where they tend to observe without a diagonal  that wasn’t a consideration. 

    There is a solution.............. 🪚🪚🪚

  2. Checked with Solar Monitor and couldn’t see the spot on their latest image so didn’t bother looking myself. The spot has been shrinking the last few days so not surprised.

  3. No they hold collimation very well. Thr CC6” I had arrived in perfect collimation and when I shipped it to another SGL member it was still perfectly collimated when they checked it.

    I played around with the CC8”” collimation but that was just to find out how to collimate one as it didn’t need collimating.  That was a year ago and hasn’t needed collimating since.

    Think they might only need collimated if knocked about in shipping.

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