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  1. Castors don't come with the scope, you do have to install your own. However it's a very simple job. On the Flextube base there's a wide gap between the baseboard and the groundboard so you don't have to disasemble anything to fasten the castors in place. Remove the three rubber feet from the bottom of the groundboard and drill out the small holes to 10 or 11mm. You will probably have to shorten the 10mm dia. bolts that hold the castors in place down to the correct length so that they just go through the groundboard enough to engage the nuts properly. You'll have to buy the three 10mm bolts seperately. Except for the time it takes to shorten the bolts it's about a five minute job to fit the castors. I prefer the twin wheel locking type castors as they are easier to roll about than a single wheel type as you have twice the ground contact area and hence only half the weight on each castor. Also they seem to be more stable than a single wheel type. Here's where I got mine from: http://www.bearingboys.co.uk/CDTWBHB75GRT_Twin_wheel_castor-1040-p John
  2. Th Photo/Visual version is a good staring place as it includes some adaptors but as all the adaptors can be bought seperately it might work out cheaper to buy the basic one and just get the adaptors that you need. Here's a .pdf file that should answer your questions as it shows the various configurations.. http://www.agenaastro.com/v/vspfiles/files/baader/mpcc_e.pdf John
  3. The two dobs compliment each other very well. The 10" seems like a bit of a "grab-n-go" scope in comparison to the 14". I am impressed by how good the 10" SkyWatcher dob is for the money. It delivers very nice views even when the seeing isn't that good and cools down very quickly. However when the seeing is good the OO 14" with it's 99 Strehl mirror comes out, and it's in a different league entirely. I'm making some alterations to the base at the moment to lighten it up a bit and I'm about to re-install the ServoCAT system. John
  4. I have one and can highly recommend it. Some of the best optics you'll find in a mass produced dob. You would have to move up to one of the premium dobs to get better optics £££££ ! The 10" is a good "compromise" size, not too big to move around but enough aperture for DSO's (also great at lunar / planetary). The auto tracking works very well indeed and is very simple and quick to set up. Useful review here of the 12" version . http://www.opticalvision.co.uk/documents/93.pdf Here's my 10" Auto dob which I call the "Mini Dob" (swapped flextube OTA for a solid tube OTA) next to my 14" dob. I have added GOTO to my 10" Auto by adding the SynScan hand control, but please note that this upgrade is not authorised by SkyWatcher yet as they are apparently making a few tweaks to the hand control firmware before officially releasing the GOTO upgrade although I find the GOTO works just fine now with no problems, but as it's not authorised yet it's a strictly at your own risk upgrade at the moment. Lots of discussion on various forums about the delay and as to when and if it will actually be released. John
  5. Hi The reason for buying from a German dealer was simply down to the fact that there were none of the 250PX solid tube dobs available in the UK at that time. Their website still shows the old photo of the white tube version. You could always check with them to confirm that they do have the black ones in stock. When I bought it the exchange rates were a bit more favourable. Skywatcher Dobson telescope N 254/1200 Pyrex DOB I would have though by now that UK dealers would have the black ones in stock, or perhaps they don't have any new photos to use. Have you tried asking Steve at FLO about it? John
  6. I beleive it is a CR2032 coin cell that you want. Just check the number stamped into the cell. They are avaiable from just about anywhere such as your local DIY shop, newsagent, camera shop etc. Here's a photo of a typical cell. John
  7. I did a quick check and while green-witch.com just shows as being registered to a domain provider at least green-witch.co.uk still shows as being registered to Green Witch, although it just re-directs to green-witch.com. Also their phone number works OK. It could just be a tempoary problem with the domain provider. Have to see if it is corrected soon or just call them to find out. John
  8. Thanks for that link. Telescope Service does indeed have the barrel end caps for 1.25" and 2" eyepieces, although not the caps for the other end of the eyepieces. John
  9. Please let us know what the result of your email is. If the shipping is reasonable I may order some myself. If shipping is too much I may try HandsonOptics as they do ship at actual cost, but not sure if they do supply the caps. John
  10. If an order is less than £18.00 in value then there is no tax or duty on it. You might email them and ask what the shipping would be. Some US dealers unfortunately have a minmum international rate no matter how smalll the order. John
  11. Unfortunately the only ones I have seen on eBay are the cheap dipped rubber ones, not the proper injection molded OEM type. John
  12. Hi I've ben looking for a UK supplier of the proper ones as well but absolutely no luck at all. You can get them in the US from Otpcorp but I wonder what the shipping cost would be? http://www.optcorp.com/productList.aspx?uid=30-82-779 John
  13. That's one of the eternal problems with selecting eyepieces. When is good enough..........well good enough? The Naglers or Pentax XW eyepieces would work in absolutely anything, whereas the Nirvana / UWANs would work very well in anything but a very fast scope, and even then they would only just be edged out in performance. If I was just starting out now I would go for the Nirvana/Uwans which are a great bargain at the moment. The only eyepiece in the series that you might want to consider alternatives to would be the 28mm. This eyepiece performs as well as the rest but has a very large eyecup that some find uncomfortable to use but others get along with just fine. If you didn't like the 28mm Nirvana/UWAN look for a second hand 26mm or 31mm Nagler. I've been comparing a 4mm Nirvana with a 3-6 Nagler zoom (set to 4mm) and a 6mm Ethos barlowed to 4mm lately and so far on an f/6 scope its been Ethos 1st place with the Nirvana and Nagler tied for second. On an f/4.5 scope it's Ethos 1st, Nagler 2nd and Nirvana third (but fairly close third). John
  14. That's a good buy at that price. OO ratings are actaully given as better than than the rated PV. In other words a typical 1/6PV rating is actually about 1/7PV or so. A 0.097 Strehl rating is also fairly typical for a 1/6PV rated one. So overall it sounds like a good example of a 140 deluxe. Only the very earliest I40s were made without the improved focuser and the upgrade was free to existing owners of the first ones. I have the new carbon tube version 140 with 1/9PV and 0.989 Strehl. Fantastic scope. I have added a FeatherTouch focuser to mine. John
  15. With an f/6 scope the UWANs would work just as well as the Naglers. With something like an f4.5 scope then the Naglers would have a small edge. One thing to remember about premium eyepieces, they'll work in any scope you have in the future, you won't have to upgrade them later on. BTW there's a 31mm Ngaler on eBay right now at £299.00. John
  16. I just measured the plug and it is 5.48mm dia. The thick wires of the lead are a tight fit into the plug housing but it does fit. Just keep the polarity correct (centre of the plug positive). The centre of the cigarette plug is also positive. Just check with a meter that the centres of both plugs are connected before plugging it into the mount. One advantage of the thicker leads is that there is less voltage drop. John
  17. I bought one of the coiled Cigarette lighter extension leads (Order Code:BV47B) from Maplin and replaced one end with a 2.1mm plug. Makes a great heavy duty power lead. John
  18. With the 250PX I used a 3mm eyepiece regularily for lunar observing so the 4mm would be just fine, and being 82 degree FOV it would make an ideal lunar eyepiece on an undriven dob. This scope is great for lunar observing not just DSOs etc. John
  19. There aren't any carry handles. You have to hold the tube by the black plastic mountngs (as can be seen in the photo above) where the OTA fits to the base or one hand on each end of the OTA. The OTA isn't too heavy but the handles just make it so much easier to carry. I just can't understand why they aren't fitted as standard. John
  20. I'd vote for calling up Steve at FLO and ordering the 4,7,16 and 28 Nirvana/Uwans (£626.00 total fror the Nirvanas). Within your budget, and would give you a set of premium eyepieces that would handle your observing needs for years to come. I would forget about the Orion Megaview version and go for the Nirvana or Uwan. Why? Here's the Orion Megaview pricelist form a UK dealer. :eek: Orion 4mm MegaView, 12mm Eye Relief - £179.00 Orion 7mm MegaView, 12mm Eye Relief - £179.00 Orion 16mm MegaView, 12mm Eye Relief - £219.00 Orion 28mm MegaView, 18mm Eye Relief - £379.00 John
  21. It's one of the new Black Diamond solid tubes. The paint is actually black metalic with flecks in it. The white tubes have been discontinued as far as I know. I suppose some dealers might still have stock of the white solid tube dobs or they haven't updated their websites so it might be a good idea to ask before ordering. Here's closeup of the Black Diamond finish cropped and enlarged from a bigger photo. Not the best photo but gives you an idea. John
  22. For a great example of the ability of the 300 Flextube Auto an image of Jupiter was posted by Jusher02 in this thread. http://stargazerslounge.com/equipment-discussion/85173-goto-skywatcher-flextube-auto-dobs-reality-2.html I've taken the liberty of copying Jusher02's image which you can see below. John
  23. I owned a pair but made the stupid mistake of selling them to buy some other equipment. Definately want to get another pair. They have great contrast. Also very sharp to the edge as they have built in field flatteners. I found that they were more like a pair of 80mm binos in the amount of detail that could be seen on Saturn for example. Very, very highly recommended. The best price I've seen this week is £189.00, although some dealers are charging £299.00 for them. John
  24. I was thinking in terms of getting the new premium eyepieces and then selling off any eyepieces that you already have that were too close in fl. Take a look at this SGL thread on the UWAN eyepieces. http://stargazerslounge.com/members-equipment-gallery/88325-my-new-eyepiece-collection-set-uwans.html John
  25. Take a look at the SkyWatcher Nirvana / William Optics UWAN eyepieces. The 7mm, 16mm and 28mm would make a great set of quality eyepieces at a reasonable price. The 7mm will be fine on your dob for your higher power observing, the 16mm is a ideal mid-power and the 28 a great low-power eyepiece. The 4mm would be ideal for lunar observing where you can push the magnification up quite high. The other thing you would also need however would be a coma corrector. Essential for the 28mm. The Baader MPCC is excellent and very light weight (less balance issues) and the Televue Paracorr is also excellent, although quite heavy. Televue Naglers are great eyepieces, but not cheap, but on an f/5 scope the Nirvana/UWANs will be just fine. A set of the Televue Ethos eyepieces would be great (££££££ !) but not on your budget. John
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