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  1. From what I've heard it's the same optics as the SkyWatcher Equinox 120, but in a WO tube assembly. Unfortunately it's got that 3.5" DDG focuser, which I've found from personal experience is perhaps the worst Crayford focuser I've ever used. Leaving aside the bright blue light that the display uses you can actually move the drawtube from side to side and can with gentle pressure rotate the drawtube 5 or 6mm. Not very solid !!! A week after I got my FLT 98 with the 3.5" DDG focuser I ordered a 3" FeatherTouch and now I love the scope. If I hadn't replaced the focuser I would have returned the
  2. The link is to an Orion Optics SPX which is an Orion Optics UK scope. John
  3. The Revelation 10" dob is a good scope and the price seems reasonable, however....................... ***Alarm Bells*** I recall seeing the very same listing a few months ago with exactly the same errors in the description and the identical title. The following quote from the listing is a complete load of utter rubbish as the Revelation uses Chinese made GSO optics, nothing at all to do with Orion Optics UK. ********* Reliable sources say these are the same optics used in Orion telescopes which sell for £500+ (Orion Optics SPX 200 f6 Newtonian Telescope [ORI_SPX200_f6] - £587.50 : 365Astrono
  4. A link or item number would help. John
  5. See the series of videos made by Hotech on YouTube as they cover how to use the Hotech really well. John
  6. Yes I saw the 70 but the 72 has better optics, so I set that as my minimum spec. I've used the 70 as well as my old 72 and I was a bit disappointed in the 70, as while it's certainly a very good scope it lacked the overall sharpness and contrast of the 72. John
  7. While I was thinking about a new small scope, something compact and portable for purely visual use, this is better than I'd really need. Still it does look very interesting doesn't it! It's all the fault of that **** thread about a grab'n'go scope where the subject of the Megrez 72 came up which reminded me of the Megrez 72 that I foolishly sold a while ago. So should I get another Megrez 72 or something else in the 72 to 80mm range? Of course I could allways sell the Astro-Professional TMB 80mm f/11.25 achro to cover the extra cost John
  8. Came across this scope from Telescope Service and thought it would be an interesting alternative to the Meade 5000 80mm ED APO Triplet Refractor. Although the Meade comes with a diagonal it uses Hoya FCD1 glass (equivelent to FPL-51 O'Hara) whereas this TS triplet uses FPL-53 O'Hara glass. Price is very attractive as well. TS Triplet FPL-53 APO 80 / 480 - f/6 Price aprox £545.00 plus shipping http://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/language/en/info/p3881_TS-Triplet-FPL53-Apo-80-480mm---f-6---kein-stoerender-Farbfehler.html - Triplet APO 80/480mm lens with air gap - FPL -53 O`Hara
  9. There's the StarGPS unit for the Nexstar SE mount. Works very well and not too expensive. http://www.stargps.ca/manual.htm#nexstar John
  10. Buy the zoom second hand for £200.00 and then if you sell it later on you'd still get £200.00 for it so you wouldn't loose out even if you decided not to keep the zoom. John
  11. Details please! ie: how many Naglers John
  12. Aesthetically I like spikes on the most prominent stars, but please not on everything. Then it just becomes irritating and detracts from the image. A certain amount of subtlety is required to get the "right" look. John
  13. Although there are click stops it can also be used at any position in-between. John
  14. Well what do you know....a Megrez 72 on an SLT mount. I used to have the Megrez 72 in the photo and now wish I hadn't sold it. Really useful little scope and it gave some great views. John
  15. I used to have the 3-6 zoom and was very pleased with it. Optically it's just as good as the Naglers, the only compromise being the FOV of course. However I replaced the zoom with the 2.5mm,3.5mm and 5mm Naglers as my high power eyepiece set. The 82 degree FOV is just that much better with an undriven mount. I think there's a few SGL members that have gone the zoom first then the separate Nagler route. Financially the zoom makes good sense compared to the price of three Naglers, and it would be easy to sell later on if you did go the separate Nagler route. With the Ethos 3.7mm SX coming out i
  16. Thought about some 25x100s but in the end decided to spend the money on a higher quality but smaller pair of Helios Apollo High Resolution 15x70s. Only had them out twice since they arrived (clouds !!!) but have been very impressed. I think I'd have to spend a lot more to get a better pair. They're just light enough to use hand held for 10 or 15 minutes for a quick look around and then onto a decent monopod. John
  17. Yes, get a 14" dob, the perfect compromise between portability and aperture. The OO 14" OTA is light enough to carry it single handed (once a carrying handle has been fitted) and then just fit a StellarCAT system and you've got the best of both worlds. John
  18. I had the chance to compare them and when I say identical I mean totaly identical except for the style differences of the barrel. When you compare them side by side you can tell every part is the same and came out of the same factory, except for the style of the rubber covering and the printing on the barrel. He also has an online shop as well, but not everything is on there yet so you might have to ask him about the TMB Planetaries. http://www.skysthelimit.org.uk/one%20time%20only%20special%20offers.html John
  19. You won't go wrong with the 200p, you'll be very happy with it. Is there any particular reason for choosing the TS Planetary HRs? The SkysTheLimit TMB Planetaries on eBay are absolutely identical exccpt for the printing on the barrels and are only £36.00 ea. John
  20. I got an answer back from Imaging Source and they will sell IC Capture Profrssional on it's own for EUR 149.00 IC Capture Professional Image acquisition software which works (under Windows 2000 or Windows XP) with every video device which is equipped with a WDM Stream Class driver Price EUR 149.00 John
  21. I had been thinking about getting a Celestron CGEM mount this winter, but with the IEQ45 being only a few hundred more it certainly looks like it could be the way to go. I'll be very interested to see how you get on with your IEQ45 and if it really is as good as the specs suggest. John
  22. With the right capture software that supports the abilities of the LifeCam HD it could get quite interesting. John
  23. If you want the specs of the LifeCam CMOS there's plenty of detail here: http://www.ovt.com/uploads/parts/OV9712%20PB%20v1.1%20WEB.pdf John
  24. I believe that it's the same one. I downloaded the free trial version of IC Capture 2.1 John
  25. It's still a bit new (at least at a low price) but looks promising. It is capable of capturing 1280 x 720 at 30 fps on most laptops. Forget the Microsoft software as it's inefficient and oriented for use as a webacm, not for imaging and requires a high spec machine to run it at 1280 x 720. IC Capture and others will let it run at 1280 on an older low spec laptop. Many netbooks may not be able to get the best out of it due to their hardware limitations. John
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