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  1. Thanks Steve Please don't bother getting another base shipped as I already have two spares. (Scopes'n'Skies Astroboot:)) and I have used one of the Telescope Services bases to fit the focuser to a 150PL OTA. Cheers John
  2. I'm quite happy to keep it thank you. The focuser came in white molded foam packaging that fitted the focuser exactly and there was no room for a base. Also what about the black fine focus knob instead of the gold one? If they just shipped the wrong focuser why the different knob? As it was shipped without the base I assume that they shipped this particular focuser on purpose. John
  3. I've had a look at the picture of the focuser on FLO's website and find it's not the same as the focuser that was shipped direct to me from Opticalvision. The one I received is the same as the SkyWatcher Low-Profile focuser but without a base and has a different fine focus knob and also comes in different packaging to the Low-Profile focuser. The one I got as in the photo below has the following reference. Product Code 20242 - Dual Speed Maknewt Focuser So it looks like it's not a case of someone at Opticalvision simply shipping the wrong focuser unless this is a temporary situation. Perhaps
  4. Easter Island Eclipse National Geographic channel Monday 15/11 - 2:00 pm repeated Tuesday 16/11 - 8:00 pm Watch the rarest celestial occurrence, a total solar eclipse, as it happens above Easter Island -- one of the most mysterious and remote archaeological sites in the world -- broadcasting just hours after it occurs. The last time an eclipse occurred over the island site was A.D. 591. Follow scientists as they gather new research that could play a key role in the race to understand the sun and its extraordinary impact on Earth I've already set it to tape this aft. John
  5. The TMB clones are available new for £36.00 from Alan at SkiestheLimit. I've tested a number of them including the genuine TMBs and they are indeed the same optically although if anything the clones have better quality control. Lots of people on SGL have bought the clones. Beware of some of the TMB II 6mm ones on eBay as some sellers are overcharging for them at £49.99 but they can be found for £36.00 if you shop around. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/1-25-6mm-58-Degree-TMB-designed-Planetary-eyepiece-/160487602216?pt=UK_Telescopes&hash=item255dce7828 The Paragons were discontinued a few years ago
  6. Instead of the Meade 5000 80 Triplet (FPL-51 equivalent) you could get the Telescope Service TS 80/480 FPL-53 Triplet at £550.00. Better optics and a better focuser. I know, I bought one of the new TS80/480s after studying what was available in that price range. Amazing optics that are nearly as good as a TMB.... http://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p3881_TS-Triplet-FPL53-Apo-80-480mm---f-6---no-colour-fringes.html These new Chinese made triplets with their FPL-53 O'Hara glass that are just starting to arrive from China have just moved the goal posts for what you can expe
  7. The Astro-Professional ED80 APO is £375.00 and is a cemented triplet that's the same specs as the Intane and in fact I expect it's actually made by Intane. John
  8. Or..... ED-80 APO refractor Astro Professional £375.00 http://www.astro-professional.com/html/ed_80mm-3.html John
  9. Here's an image from Lunar Map Pro that may help. Ina is in the centre and you can just make out the name in yellow when you enlarge the image. Hope it helps a bit. John
  10. Take a look at this link. Explains the whole thing very well. http://www.cloudynights.com/documents/naglers.pdf John
  11. One very good book by Sir Patrick is Stargazing - Astronomy Without a Telescope It's an excellent introduction for the beginner who doesn't know where to start and hasn't even got a telescope or binoculars yet but wants to start learning their way around the night sky. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Stargazing-Astronomy-Telescope-Patrick-Moore/dp/0521794455 Besides new they have some used copies as well. John
  12. I agree, while the optics of the very best that was available decades ago is as good as the top end stuff nowadays, where they loose out big time is in comparison to the coatings that are available today. Although if you had those old optics brought up to date with some modern coatings? John
  13. Maybe it comes with a free telescope? :D John
  14. I've just taken a look at my Lunt 60. I can't detect any thread start myself, however it screws back in and locks really solid. No chance of it coming loose. I would guess that the screwthread inside the tube may be a little over-sized, and while it may have been good enough when brand new it's only taken a bit of un-threading and re-threading to damage the thread enough to cause your problem. I have come across a couple of other scopes (not Lunt) that have had issues with a large diameter screwthread in the OTA not being cut properly. John
  15. This guide is quite helpful. http://www.space.com/spacewatch/lc_pg_stars.html http://www.space.com/spacewatch/lc_pronunciation.html John
  16. Skywatcher manuals can be a bit useless as they leave out so much info. Fortunately the scopes are very good though. John
  17. Yes they would be a simple bolt on replacement with no mods needed. The baseplate is designed to fit a 9" and larger dia. OTA (8" mirror). One thing to watch out for with the low-profile focuser that comes with the baseplate is that some dealers sell it with the narrow baseplate that isn't a straightforward bolt on replacement. FLO however sells it with the correct wide baseplate that you would need. However as I mentioned the wide baeplate can be found on Scopes'n'Skies Astroboot for £2.00 so it does work out a bit cheaper to get the S'n'S baseplate and then buy the MN190 crayford. John
  18. In general a replacement dual speed crayford will be of better quality that the standard focusers that come with a SkyWatcher dob The key advantages are: Smoother more precise focusing. Virtually no slop in the drawtube as you move it in or out. More accurate collimation of your scope as when you collimate with the drawtube in one positon it won't change when you move the drawtube in or out. The fine focus knob requires only a light touch of your fingertip to move it, hence reduced vibration of the scope whilst focusing and particularly with a dob less likelihood of intentionally moving the sc
  19. They don't have an English translation on the website but here's the Google translation. John *************************************************** TS APO 80/500mm - f / 6,25 - FPL53 APO member ... a high quality 2-element apo with very good color correction for the observation and photography The objective of the clean-made TS APOs reduces chromatic aberration to a minimum, not interfering. The result is sharp, especially high-contrast observations and photographs. Nature lovers who appreciate the finest details in natural colors lay line, such as bird watchers, or even astro photographers in t
  20. Re: Ethos and FOV Forget the FOV of the Ethos, it's the quality of the view that makes them so good. The sharpness and contrast are what I remember most about using them. John
  21. Yes you can have high mag and wide FOV, but it will cost you. With the advances in glass and anti-reflection coatings the latest premium eyepieces with 7 or 8 or even more elements are just as good as the old specialist planetary eyepieces for light scatter and light transmission rates. Things really have moved on. My latest high power acquisition (don't ask the price ) is an Ethos SX 3.7mm 110 degree FOV eyepiece, and I would rate it as just as good if not better than my old TMB monocentrics for sharpness and contrast. Viewing the moon with this eyepiece is an amazing experience. John
  22. As I'm going to be using tuberings to mount the OTA in a similar way to the OO bases I can then just use another set of tuberings with a dovetail to mount the OTA on an EQ mount later on if I wish. The best of both worlds. This is going to be a bit of a grab'n'go scope, and with the thin OO borosilicate mirror and a cooling fan it's hardly going to take any time at all to cool it down enough for observing. The 6" Mak is an excellent scope, very compact and portable but the cooldown time is an issue and optically a 6" f/8 Newt/Dob is more than a match for it. John
  23. It's not an OO mirror cell as OO doesn't make a CNC one in the 6" size (OO starts at 8"). It's an American made one that came with the OO mirror set when I bought them from another SGL member. http://www.opticalsupports.com/mirror_cells.html The cell mounting had to be trimmed by 5mm on the outer edge to fit within the standard SkyWatcher end ring and the standard tube mounting brackets were removed. Fortunately three holes in the cell plate matched up with the three large holes in the bottom of the SkyWatcher end ring so I was able to bolt it in place that way using three spacers. Although i
  24. A nice unbiased review, well done. I agree that the ES is a very good eyepiece, but at the prices they're asking in the UK for the ES eyepieces I can't see them threatening Ethos sales very much. And also they're so big and heavy. Having owned or used most of the Ethos eyepieces I find it's the sharpness and contrast that makes them great eyepieces. The biggest mistake that many people who havent actually used them make is to assume that it's all about FOV, it isn't, it's about optical quality. In a dob or undriven mount however the FOV is nice to have as you're able to just move your eyeba
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