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  1. Not sure what you mean by 'normal' but understanding the 'proper distance' is key. It could be that you are trying to compare events describable in terms of local reference frames rather with events that aren't. I am yet to get my head around the superluminal stuff but I don't see why not.
  2. I think it is me who's been missing the point. http://arxiv.org/pdf/astro-ph/0310808v2.pdf is well worth a look.
  3. How is this? Surely only an observer unaware that he lives in a universe with an increasing Hubble Constant (ie, dHo/dt>0 ) might erroneously record superluminal velocities of long travelled photons. The observer is ignorant of the proper distance. Only the incautious have so far recorded velocities > c.
  4. Thanks for the link BargeGazer. It all sounds very interesting. New modelling approaches are always welcome as even if not able to paint the full picture they can often lead to further insight. According to OP's link 'The Freeze Theory/Model' makes some testable predictions so there could well be some forthcoming action.
  5. Travel as close as you like to the speed of light and Special Relativity will predict your temporal and spatial perceptions. Travel at the speed of light and SR is no good to you. A broader theory is required. A theory which doesn't spit back a division by zero error in yer face. There is also an inherent danger in trying to pair-wise compare brethren of the quantum scale with non-quantum scale objects.
  6. Thanks for the ideas. At the moment though I'm thinking about attaching a bored out rear lens cap to a t threaded filter adaptor. I'll wait and see though as this solution is a bit messy (and contains a fair bit of plastic). @ pete_gamby. Yep, the wrong way round mate. I'm wanting to attach an astro-cam to an Olympus SLR lens.
  7. I'd like to attach an Atik16IC to my Olympus Zuiko lenses. To my knowledge, adapters are no longer being made so i'd be pleased to hear any ideas as to how i might make one. I have a couple of scrap OM camera bodies, a rear lens cap and a bunch of t2 threaded stuff.
  8. I'd like to attach Olympus OM lenses (one at time) to a t-threaded Atik 16IC. There is apparently an adapter that can be 'made to order' for USD66 in Australia. Does anyone have any ideas for a cheaper/simpler/more-certain solution?
  9. I would like to buy both the shortest focal length and the best value 1.25 or 0.965" eyepiece for my 77mm FL1000mm f13 refractor. I have a barlow lens (2x i think) of doubtful utility and some dubious 0.965" EP's. I am slightly short-sighted and only wear glasses for driving at night. As a relative noob with a telescope both a 'which' and a 'why' would be particularly beneficial. Thanks.
  10. Which eyepiece should i buy? I have a 77mm 1000mm FL (f13) Jap refractor from the 60's which does pretty well with the supplied 0.965" eyepieces. These eyepieces are 6,9 and 40mm respectively and remain slightly dirty and a bit scratched. I am more interested in planets than anything else at the moment. I was also wondering how much of an increase in performance that I'd be likely to notice. BTW, I have just bought a 0.965->1.25" star diagonal since it would appear that decent 0.965" eyepieces are a bit pricey.
  11. How do i mount my dslr on the back of my scope?
  12. I have just bought my first proper telescope. It has been stored in a damp garage for some years. Despite my cleaning attempts (methanol + cotton bud + compressed air + exhaled moist air) there persists some 'spidery fungal remnants' on the eyepieces. These remnants are confined to the edge of individual lenses and are more or less radial. It would outwardly appear to be more of a problem for the shorter focal length eyepieces since a larger proportion of the lenses seem affected. Any ideas of what i might try to remove the 'filament like markings'? FWIW, to my uncritical eye the scope seems to work pretty well despite things. 77mm refractor 1000mm focal length and Saturn and Venus were a big hit with the family the other night.
  13. This will be helpful if you've not already seen it. http://stargazerslounge.com/discussions-cameras/89946-choosing-ccd-camera.html
  14. Essentially jargon. Contravariant and covariant are simply labels which are applied to vectors depending upon which way the components transform. Two vector equations and one meaning.
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