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  1. Lincoln Astronomical Society will be 60 years old in October. To celebrate this, we are opening our facility to the public for three evening lectures. These will take place at 23 Westcliffe Street, off Burton Road in Lincoln with a 7-30pm start time. Thursday 3rd October- Dr Phil Sutton- Lincoln University-‘What do we really know about the Outer Solar System?’ Friday 4th October-Martin Lewis is coming from St.Albans His subject is ‘Planetary Imaging with a Dobsonian Telescope’. Martin’s planetary images show amazing detail and all taken from the UK. Saturday 5th October- Dr Pauline Norris is an Egyptologist with an interest in archaeo-astronomy and is coming from mid Wales to talk on ‘Astronomy of the ancient Egyptians’. She is returning from Egypt on the 3rd. Entry is free but donations are welcome. Children under 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Contact phil@lincolnastronomy.org for more information.
  2. Hi Lester. I own an etx90ra and like you wanted to do some imaging. The RA model is very old and has no computer. I managed to get some lunar and planetary shots with a webcam and at the time was pleased with my pics of Mars and Jupiter. It was difficult to find the target though. I attempted the Pleiades at one point and got something but soon gave up The DSLR was just too heavy and restricted where you can point it. To be positive I would suggest trying a camera like the zwo asi120. A lot less costly than your budget and really useful camera as a guider if you progress to dso's later. It will be good for taking lunar and planetary videos and can do longer exposure as well. Also works well for capturing fireballs. DSO's really need autoguiding but give it a try on something bright like the Pleiades. Good luck and don't give up too easily. Graham
  3. Thank you to all for the input. Not Windows 10, not drivers, not usb and still not really sure what happened. A friend suggested trying the ZWO camera software and that was working. I then updated the software for Sharpcap and PHD2 and both are now obtaining images from the camera. Have not actually done any guiding yet but should now be back in business. Touch wood! Best wishes to all. Graham
  4. Thank you for the suggestions Louise. I think I have tried all these. I am not now convinced that it is caused by a Windows update as I have tried the camera by installing the drivers and Sharpcap on another Win10 PC and it works fine. Both PC's had the same Win10 updates installed. It is starting to look like I will have to get all my software changed over to a another PC.
  5. Thanks Michael and scitmon. I have tried to uninstall the last update but it requires a restart and it just repeats the update. Isn't win10 wonderful!
  6. My ASI120MM (USB 2 version) guide camera has been in use for 2 to 3 years without any issues, but recently it failed to connect to PHD2. I tried with Sharpcap and that too failed to connect. Sharpcap recognises the camera but gives an error message when it is selected. I also use Sharpcap on another laptop and the camera is working normally on that PC, so it must be a software issue with my observatory laptop. I have been in touch with support at ZWO who were helpful but finally admitted they could not find a solution. The drivers have been uninstalled and reinstalled and tried different versions but still have the same problem. Below are screen shots of the camera properties in device manager. I think the key to the problem is on the events tab in the information box - "Device USB/VID_03C3&PID_120A/00000 requires further installation". I would be very grateful if anyone can explain what has happened and suggest a solution. ZWO120.pdfZWO120.pdf
  7. I have downloaded a copy but Canon does not show up on the drop down list of cameras. Can anyone help please? Earlier it was confirmed that Canon cameras are supported. Graham
  8. Last week I was staying in a cottage in the Pennines near Barnard Castle. Mostly cloudy but managed some observing. I caught a flash on the edge of my view and turned to watch. A few seconds later there was another. Point source at about magnitude minus 2. This was around 10 degrees from Vega so definitely not a Perseid. I have seen similar before and can only conclude it is a flash from an artificial satellite. Perhaps this is what you saw? Graham
  9. Hi Sean, I have not tried for the Perseids this year yet but the recommended field is centred 50 deg altitude and 30 deg from the radiant in azimuth. This was discovered by professional Czech observers in the 1950's and 60's. But then it is down to chance and they can appear in any part of the sky. Graham
  10. I can see why they chose it. Congratulations. Graham
  11. I have found that since the recent Windows 10 update Bahtinov Grabber does not work. When the focus area is set there is an error message saying that it cannot find the ASCOM driver. Has anyone else found this problem? Better still has anyone found a solution? I am using the stand alone grabber and not as a utility on APT. Thanks, Graham
  12. Why are you posting in "getting started".?You're already an expert. Beautiful image.
  13. Good article by Alex. At the Lincoln AS last night the Brownies visit was cloudy but there were more meteors than usual being detected on the radio. Not Leonid's so perhaps Taurids. Don't forget to look out for them as well. Graham
  14. I bought a couple of non- canon batteries on eBay and they work almost as well as the canon one. It may be worth trying another supplier. Graham
  15. The alternative solution is to downsize the scope for something lighter. I had a 6 inch Mach Best bought sh. It was heavy and could not get focus with my 1100d. I moved it on and bought a used SW ed80 and have not regretted it. Then an heq5 would be perfect. Good luck. Graham
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