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  1. Last week I was staying in a cottage in the Pennines near Barnard Castle. Mostly cloudy but managed some observing. I caught a flash on the edge of my view and turned to watch. A few seconds later there was another. Point source at about magnitude minus 2. This was around 10 degrees from Vega so definitely not a Perseid. I have seen similar before and can only conclude it is a flash from an artificial satellite. Perhaps this is what you saw? Graham
  2. Hi Sean, I have not tried for the Perseids this year yet but the recommended field is centred 50 deg altitude and 30 deg from the radiant in azimuth. This was discovered by professional Czech observers in the 1950's and 60's. But then it is down to chance and they can appear in any part of the sky. Graham
  3. Red meteor

    Today's APOD of the Bubble

    I can see why they chose it. Congratulations. Graham
  4. I have found that since the recent Windows 10 update Bahtinov Grabber does not work. When the focus area is set there is an error message saying that it cannot find the ASCOM driver. Has anyone else found this problem? Better still has anyone found a solution? I am using the stand alone grabber and not as a utility on APT. Thanks, Graham
  5. Red meteor

    ngc 457

    Why are you posting in "getting started".?You're already an expert. Beautiful image.
  6. Good article by Alex. At the Lincoln AS last night the Brownies visit was cloudy but there were more meteors than usual being detected on the radio. Not Leonid's so perhaps Taurids. Don't forget to look out for them as well. Graham
  7. Red meteor

    Canon 1100D Batteries

    I bought a couple of non- canon batteries on eBay and they work almost as well as the canon one. It may be worth trying another supplier. Graham
  8. Red meteor

    First time autoguiding

    The alternative solution is to downsize the scope for something lighter. I had a 6 inch Mach Best bought sh. It was heavy and could not get focus with my 1100d. I moved it on and bought a used SW ed80 and have not regretted it. Then an heq5 would be perfect. Good luck. Graham
  9. BAA shop has "observing guide to variable stars" at £2.75. Loads of charts for free download on the website. Have fun observing. Graham
  10. Red meteor

    NGC7023 - The Iris nebula

    I can't stop looking at this. It's amazing!
  11. Red meteor

    Cartes du ciel eqmod problem

    Sounds familiar! Check that the com port is correct. Always plug the mount connection to the same USB slot. Also have had problems with driver being updated by Microsoft. FLO have good help on their website. Graham
  12. Red meteor

    RIP Melvyn Taylor!

    I heard this very sad news this morning from Guy Hurst ("The Astronomer"). I have known Melvyn since the JAS days. We first met at a BAA meeting in Chester in the 1960's and I have a photo of us waiting to be welcomed into membership by V Barocas. Patrick Moore was there aswell. Last saw Melvyn at a VSS meeting in York a few years ago. From now on I shall always think of him when it is the Perseid maximum (and my daughter's birthday!). A lovely guy with a smashing Yorkshire accent. Graham Winstanley
  13. Red meteor

    Professional imaging

    Great to see this video and the marvellous skies. I was rather alarmed at the number of times the whole observatory is illuminated. Do they have neighbours careless with their lights? I am surprised that this is not better controlled at a major professional site full of multimillion £$ telescopes.
  14. Red meteor

    SkyWatcher EQ6 Tripod required

    I have an EQ6 tripod that has not been used since building an observatory with pier. I am located about half way between Newark and Lincoln and could meet you near the A1 at Newark. Message me if you are interested. Graham
  15. ED80 on EQ6 QHY IMG2PRO L 16 x 600s, RGB 20 x 300s per filter Processed in Pixinsight I have found this a difficult target to process due to the lack of any true sky background. I used ABE rather than DBE not knowing where to place any selections. Also used what background I could find for Background Neutralisation but must have included some nebulosity. Colour calibration was difficult too and I have aligned the channels manually. This is also the first time I have had a go at reducing star sizes. I am not unhappy with result but do feel there is room for improvement, so any advice would be welcome. I also have some Ha subs on this target but have to do some study on how to use those in the processing.

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