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  1. Thank for your comment Steve. Priced to sell I hope! Yes, it is a great mount, ideal for imaging, very smooth in operation, no meridian flips, it will track East to West all night (providing no clouds spoil it!). It also works great with Synscan or EQMOD. I made a small video of the mount in motion, but, alas, I’ve been told that SGL doesn’t support video files at the moment (though planned for the future I think). Regards Pete
  2. I have used this mount with EQMOD and Stellarium so the Synscan has been very little used (ver 3.27). Also included is an Avalon 80mm saddle plate extender, Avalon polar scope illuminator, mount and Synscan user manuals. Bought Nov 2014 for £3,900 will sell for £2,200 or very near offer. Would prefer buyer collects, though willing to travel 30-40 miles. Preferred payment method would be cash or bank transfer. When housed outside in my observatory I have had a dehumidifier running 24/7 when not in use. The mount baseplate fits an Altair Astro pier (not sure if it fits other mounts?). The mount has not been used for over a year and has been housed in its original box and sat under the stairs in my house. I set the mount up today (05/02/2018) to ensure that all is working well. I have added to mov. Files taken with my iPad (but not sure they are working?). Note: with cameras/filter wheel attached, my Tak normally sits a lot further forward for imaging! Apparently, the max carrying weight for imaging is 20kgs and will take a Celestron C11 though I have only ever used it with Tak FSQ85. I imagine anyone interested in the mount will likely do their own research ?. Reason for sale is that I will be moving in with my partner, who has a flat, and won’t have room for the mount (or my Skyshed Pod/pier!). As a special bonus to the person who buys the mount, they can also buy my Skyshed Pod (works, though could do with a new set of rollers (£135.00 from Altair Astro)) and my pier (though will need to buy new 4 bolts to set it in concrete/wood) for a total price of £2,600, for the mount/Pod/pier. The Pod and pier are both 4 years old. Would need a transit to collect. I would help to dismantle the Pod on the day for transport. As you probably realise, I am leaving the hobby as my future lies in a different direction. I bought all the items new at a total cost of over £7,000 but thought this sale might give someone the opportunity to have a permanent setup outdoors for a reasonable price.
  3. For Sale, WO FLT 98 with feather touch focuser by Starlight Instruments & WO Adjustable Flattener/Reducer IV, including soft carry case. Bought from Ian King Imaging approx 5 years ago but very little used as I tended to favour the Takahashi 85ED for imaging. I’m also including an IKHAROS (also bought from Ian King) flattener for SLR imaging (never used it though). Cost over £2,400 new, would accept £1,200 or near offer. Would prefer buyer to collect but would travel locally to meet up.
  4. You can dispense with the ST-4 cable if you go the EQMOD/pulse-guiding route, but then of course, you will need an EQMOD cable. PHD 2 has plenty of instructions to get it up and running. Definitely take a set of Darks using PHD 2 and use that dark library when you are guiding. You can also build a Hot Pixel library using PHD 2. PHD 2 allows you to save I have done both, but use the dark library when I am guiding. I use an old QHY 5 on an OAG and find it works very well.
  5. Nice pics Bob! I know there was a Sunspot in the top left quarter. Had it on my photographs when I opened them in PS6. Thought it was a smudge on the lens first at first, but Stargazing live that night had the same 'smudge' on a photo and confirmed it was a Sunspot.
  6. I knew you were using Win 7 Gina, as in my #22 post. I mentioned the Win 8 driver because it was mentioned previously in this thread. The reason I have rebuilt my Win 7 laptop from a factory default was because it did fail in use Louise. It was -2 outside and I was packing up at about 4am. As I was taking flats, the filterwheel 'hung up' and from there on, the computer started running very slow and programs started hanging/crashing. I tried reloading software, running help utilities and software to edit the registry for the next day or so, to no avail. I then thought I might have a hardware problem, but decided to try a factory reset before I looked at hardware. I now reloaded the OS, all the software/Windows updates etc and the machine is running as it should be. Each to their own, of course, but I would always try to eliminate the possibility of software problems before I changed hardware.
  7. Interestingly, (to me, anyway), using the link to the 'Windows 8 driver will cause you to download an older, 2009 driver. It's not a new driver for Windows 8, it's just that Hitec found this driver worked with Windows 8. If you use it you have to follow the instructions on its use (2nd link on FLO) otherwise , once installed, Windows will try to update it to a driver that doesn't work. I found this out as I have been preparing a new (Win 8) laptop for use with my astro imaging. I had to 'roll back' the driver to the 2009 driver thanks to W8 installing a 'newer driver'.
  8. Hi Gina, You could try checking Windows 7 update settings. Make sure it is set to 'receive updates for Windows only' (otherwise, when you plug a device with no driver into a USB port, windows will look online for a driver and might not find the one on the computer). Then go to the Hitecastro website and download the driver on that page and install it. Then plug your EQDIR adapter back into the computer. If it works, you will have a spare adapter! Had problems myself with drivers, having just done a factory reset on my W7 laptop. Currently doesn't recognise my Atik EFW2 filter wheel and keeps loading a 'windows found' driver. It works, but have just selected 'Windows only updates and will try a reload in the morning. Hope this helps!
  9. There is a facility on The FLO website to enable you to ask questions on any kit you are thinking of buying. They get back to you pretty quick with answers as well
  10. Hi Gary, and, welcome to SGL. See you have already been given some good advice - about getting outside to view. My coldest session so far was at an outside temperature of -6 Celsius!
  11. Welcome to SGL Brian. Originally from Essex myself
  12. All very nice images. I especially like the Rosette Nebula, one of my favourite targets. Want to try using my FLT 98 with my 550D. I have done very little imaging with a DSLR.
  13. Hi David, welcome to the SGL. Not sure if this is the sort of thing you are looking for: http://www.firstlightoptics.com/skywatcher-star-adventurer/skywatcher-star-adventurer-astronomy-bundle.html Just a suggestion, You may get a better response to your post if you copy to the beginners section under "Getting Started Equipment Help and Advice" as more people are likely to read that section. Hope you enjoy the forum.
  14. Interested

    Hello all

    Hi Thom, welcome to SGL. My brother is like you, has been into astronomy for many years but has still not joined any forums. He asked where I gained my (not so vast) knowledge of astrophotography from. I told him from SGL, but still, he asks me questions rather than join!
  15. From Ha to S-II, progressively less nebulosity, but more Stars. Swings and roundabouts? I use a 5 position filter wheel with the 383 (2" filters) and currently have RGB, Ha and O-III loaded. Having seen your comparison above Sara, in future, certainly worth looking at the first couple of NB subs to determine potential for a bi-colour process.
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