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  1. I've always used a dew band on my frac to prevent dew forming on the front lens, be it summer or winter.
  2. Well, this is just perfect, I couldn't ask for anything more thank you!
  3. Now, I'm no DIY wizard, but has there been anyone who has built their own Flip Flat like the Alnitak Flip-Flat ? These things are ridiculously expensive....why? And, are they that difficult to replicate in some way?
  4. Me and my big mouth, the clouds have turned up
  5. Its clear here in Essex, but guiding is really struggling with the windy conditions here. Subs are looking okish though.
  6. Wow, just noticed nearly 12hrs of clear skies and no moon forecast here in Essex!! Christmas has come early
  7. I have the TS100Q and its a great scope. No faffing about with getting the correct distance behind the FF/FR to the sensor, the focuser on the 100 is rock solid, but can't comment on the 80mm version.
  8. No secondary filters (LP) are used in my setup, nor any reducers as the TS100Q is a quadruplet. The ASI1600 is screwed straight into the back the ZWO filter wheel, so yes, its as close as it possibly can be. Once the images are stacked, it definately both halos and micro lensing.
  9. Just to add this in here, I get the micro lensing effect at F5.8 on my TS100Q
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