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  1. Kaliska

    Upgrading from modded 600D

    I went from the Canon 700D to the ASI1600 MM Cool which has a nice big chip. Best thing i done for imaging. Yes, your imaging takes longer, but the quality upgrade in the images is well worth it (IMHO).
  2. Kaliska

    Star Halo(s)

    Sorry for not replying, but I've had somewhat of a disaster here. The external HD where i download ALL of my data (everything) was dropped accidentally while it was writing my latest batch of files and has subsequently stopped working I'm now in the process of having the HD sent away for analysis to see if it can be recovered. Fingers crossed.
  3. Kaliska

    ZWO Off Axis Guider Play/Movement

    Is it not a fault in its design? This is quite a critical part of the unit to have in a fixed position I would have thought?
  4. Kaliska

    Star Halo(s)

    I've got the ASI1600 MM Cool (Gain 139, Offset 21, Unity Gain) with the TSQ100 F5.8
  5. Kaliska

    Star Halo(s)

    No, I'm using the 36mm Baader filters. And i'm getting them on all the NB filters.
  6. Kaliska

    Star Halo(s)

    I'm getting these halos from a few of my filters. Anything I should be doing to get rid of them?
  7. Kaliska

    Rule of thumb?

    Ah, no need for an apology, I'm glad the topic got a little attention. I'm still trying to understand it all if i'm honest haha
  8. Kaliska

    TS-Optics Imaging Star 100mm f/5.8

    I have one of these quadruplets and I have to say its a beautiful scope. Whoever buys this is in for a real treat.
  9. Kaliska

    Rule of thumb?

    Well, last night I imaged the Pacman Nebula all in Ha (5m subs) during the full moon and the subs on first inspection look pretty good.
  10. Kaliska

    Rule of thumb?

    When narrow band imaging under a full moon like tonight, is there a rule of thumb of what filter does and doesn't work well under these conditions depending on the moons brightness?
  11. Nice setup, I've pretty much got the same camera setup as you, but i already had a full set (LRGBHSO) 36mm unmounted Baader filters, so I went with 7 position EFW and the ZWO OAG (using the ASI290mm mini which is brilliant as a guide cam compared to my previous GPCAM2). There are many more knowledgeable folk here than me, but I would consider buying a Luminance filter (if you dont already possess one) as well. Just my 2 pennies worth. Good luck with the purchase, its a great camera IMHO
  12. Kaliska

    Drift Alignment

    Ah, I forgot about this tool. Think I've tried it before, but that was some time ago, with okish results. I've now got the mount on a pier, so I think I'll run this again. Thanks for the reminder
  13. Kaliska

    Drift Alignment

    Sorry, yes, E/W keys. Shame SGP doesn't have a similar DARV option, that would be helpful. Thanks for the replies guys.
  14. Just wondered if anyone knows what might be happening here? I'm trying to get my scope as accurately polar aligned as I can and I've been trying out the DARV method. The scope is currently pointed due south at near celestial equator and I'm pressing the North and South keys and getting closer to the solid line. Trouble is that the lines are quite wavy as you can see? Is this a potential mount issue?
  15. I use the Telegizmos 365 for my setup and leave everything outside 24/7 and have had no issues (i don't have an obsy). Its a great cover, extremely well made and very durable.

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