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  1. I've had the MINIX mini pc running my setup for the past 18 months without any issues (touch wood). I run Stellarium, SGP Pro, EQMOD, PHD, SharpStar etc and its a great bit of kit for the price. You can just see the pc behind the finder scope in the picture.
  2. HaHa...i remember that so well on my BBC Micro, many hours lost invested in Elite.
  3. Although mine is at the bottom of the garden (AZEQ6), all I have to do is pull the cover off and the lens cap and just switch the power on. That's pretty much it to be honest, all i have to do is link up to the onboard mini pc (via window remote desktop) where i run SGP Pro, PHD, EQmod, Sharpcap and Stellarium.
  4. There were messages coming up "no correlation between master dark" which I've just noticed.
  5. Again, I was under the impression the temperature of the camera isn't a factor when producing flats as they are for removing visual aretfacts and not noise. I've just got a new flats panel so I'll take some tonight at -20 along with some dark flats to see if this helps.
  6. No Bias frames were taken, I always been under the impression that they are not needed for this type of camera/chip.
  7. Hi, I've been collecting quite a lot of data over the past few weeks, which i am now trying to process. I'm using the PI BatchPreprocessing but I;m getting awful results and I can't figure out why? I've uploaded my files on the OneDrive if there is anyone out there who could kindly give me their honest opinion on the data I've got. I'm using an ASI-1600mm cool with a TS100Q, SGP and PI. The files can be found here https://1drv.ms/u/s!AsOwCeIp2jCOh0tlJgU_tWjq656k?e=mbbG5L The image below is calibrated with 50 Flats and Darks in PI.
  8. Got my copy (.pdf) today and have to say it looks extremely comprehensive, just wish this was about when i first bought Pixinsight.
  9. Perfect, thank you. Just ordered one on Amazon and should be here tomorrow. Hoping it`s as simple as a broken fan...
  10. My first thoughts too, but when i went outside to check it over the first thing i did was the gentle blow on the back of the camera and the fan span up very easily.
  11. Anyone ever had to replace the cooling fan at the rear of the ASI1600 before? Looks like mine has given up on me tonight, its not turning at all and the camera is getting uncomfortably warm.
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