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  1. If you ever thought what is the difference between Berlebach MonkeyGrip 1 and MonkeyGrip 2, here it is, side by side. The body is essentially the same, black anodised alluminium, but the connector is different. MonkeyGrip 1 has straight connector, dual 3/8 and 1/4 photo threads, intended to mount a tablet/phone holder (or umbrella ) MonkeyGrip 2 has right angle connector, only 3/8 photo thread for mounting the wood plate.
  2. Berlebach Monkey Grip 2 It is entirely made from metal, very robust and definitely worth the premium price. It will serve me as a desk where I put my filter sliders on while observing. Highly recommended!
  3. Finally, it has arrived after long journey from US to EU I had already a short session with it on Jupyter and optically it's excellent! But practically, when used in two inches mode and fully inserted, it required significant focuser outtravel as I expected. As is, it will be impossible to parfocalise it with the rest of my EPs collections. I will try to visit local metal machinery company, whether they could machine a skirt extension from a block of aluminium.
  4. ES MN-152 Comet Hunter, Giro Ercole, Planet, temperature -10°C.
  5. Hello, you have really great setup! I'm curious whether you have K70 standard variant or weschelschraube variant? http://www.berlebach.de/dokumente/M438-Mittelsäule_K70-Varianten.PDF
  6. Here's my set for wide field observing. I consider this as two sets: 31-22-12 and 26-17-(9), while the N9 is on the way.
  7. A very interesting article about Naglers. https://www.cloudynights.com/documents/naglers.pdf
  8. Thanks, but I cannot imagine using this thing in real world. It's the best way to break the filter.
  9. Thanks and sorry for weird question, but I want it for Giro Ercole, which has 60mm section.
  10. Thanks, but the problem with such adapter is it does not create a smooth continuation of the 2'' main section, while the diy thing does. I do not expect to use filters at this eyepiece, I have Baader UFC filter changer.
  11. Hi, does anyone know what is the diameter (in millimeters) of the lowered section of the top of the pier riser? Thanks
  12. Thank you John for your explanation and link to specification. That helped me a lot about what to expect. Additionaly, I have found the following picture on the web. It shows N9T1 with an adapter, that makes it exclusively a 2'' eyepiece. Is this thing available to buy or is it rather a DIY thing?
  13. Hi guys, I have just ordered second-hand Nagler 9mm type 1 (not sure whether made in Japan or Taiwan). From the photos I already have, it seems there are no threads on the outer 2'' barrel, so I could not attach the EBX-2120 barrel extension. I'm curious whether the eyepiece will require focuser outtravel when used in 2'' mode? Is it possible to swap the 2'' barrel with some other, that has threads? Could you share some more photos of the bottom of your 9T1?
  14. When it comes to Newtonian scopes, usually people mean Dobsonians. I always wonder why Newtonian scopes are not so popular on tripods with Alt-az / Giro-style mounts. Why do people prefer Dobson mount over tripod+alt-az? Is it because the tube could hit the leg when observing near zenith? That could be solved with an extension. What are other reasons?
  15. Thank you @Stephenstargazer for suggestions, but I decided to buy K70 geared column for my Planet, which is pricey, but offers more to the future.
  16. I have Berlebach Planet with EQ 5 head with north pin unscrewed. The extension will probably fit directly, but the pin has some purpose, or not?
  17. Hello, I want to ask, whether A100 extension can be attached to AZ100 Pier Adaptor ? I'm sorry for possibly stupid question
  18. Thank you, Rowan's extension looks very robust and will fullfill my needs. Only I have so make some budget for it
  19. Hi, thank you for suggestion, but I actually dislike the build quality of SW extensions (not sturdy enough in my opinion). Are there any alternatives?
  20. Hi, I have a related question. I have Giro Ercole on top of Berlebach Uni (mount head: EQ5 without the pin). The issue is that the scope hits the leg when observing near zenith. I'm looking for some extension, that will raise the Ercole a bit (10 cm would be sufficient). Do you have some advice or recommendation?
  21. You probably meant Meopta, a respected Czech company, which makes an excellent zoom eyepiece for spotting scopes. Meoptex has nothing to do with Meopta, I guess they just stole the good name.
  22. Regarding the wired ethernet connection. I strongly recommend to avoid wired connection to your house, and go for optical or wireless instead. You may encounter different electric potentials, causing unwanted currents, not speaking about protection against lightning.
  23. Possibly wrong forum? This is observing forum.
  24. Have a look at Baader UHC-S which is known as a good broadband filter.
  25. Afaik GIII is out of production. Giro Ercole is my recommendation. I would also consider Berlebach Planet with geared column (K70) in order to avoid hitting the legs.
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