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  1. I don't think many will complain about this: Millions more funding for projects to make our streets safer - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk) more street lighting.... but safer streets is the trade off.
  2. I can confirm that Frensham large pond carpark closes at 9pm. There's a smaller carpark up the road for the small pond but the trees are fairly high so the views are limited.
  3. I'm gonna ride the bike down to Frensham car park today. I'll let you know (if i don't get lost) Thanks for link about Hankley/Thursley common.
  4. I went to Thursley site last night but it was closed due to military training. I proceeded to Puttenham top carpark which is big and open. The photo is a south facing view. Unfortunately the heavy cloud moved in and bailed out. Definitely worth another look.
  5. Thanks. I have pulled the trigger on the SQM-L from FLO
  6. Could i ask which SQM's you all use? Thinking of getting one, as i understand it they have different FOV.... which one is generally the best? I See FLO sell this one... Unihedron SQM-L Sky Quality Meter with lens | First Light Optics Thanks
  7. awesome! perhaps snap a photo of the view south? if it's clear or patchy cloud i'll be there Sunday night got new gear to try out so i'll happily dodge a few clouds to capture some light
  8. I reckon set up straight out of the boot of the car. looks pretty open and i can't stand lugging kit too far from the motor. Plus i like to keep an eye on the car and use it for a comfy flask of tea. I 'm gonna check it out Sunday.
  9. I got this car park https://goo.gl/maps/d4u2QL1wYzfwtbu76 on Thursley Common
  10. That's brilliant thanks! Plenty of car parks around Ranmore Common according to google maps. Bignor looks okay... bit of a jaunt though. Thanks again for all your comments. most welcome!
  11. Hi All, I have recently moved toward London (Bracknell). I have been scouting out some locations just south of Aldershot and Farnham. Hankley Common car park looks okay and there's a National trust carpark slightly east of it also worth a look. Going to take look on Sunday evening. Also further is Iping Common which is designated a "darksky" site. And another National trust carpark "Woolbeding Countryside" Hopefully i'll be able to report back if I manage to get out Sunday
  12. Hi Ande, I have recently purchased one of these and it is actually the same way around as yours. Friends of mine have the opposite orientation (zelinka way). perhaps earlier model is different?. I took the 2 grub screws out. locked the RA clutch and unscrewed the Red collet. Since its just a thread and a groove for the grub screws to sit into I wouldn't recommend changing it. Reason being is the red collet screws up nice and tight and the grub screws prevent it from loosening. If you unscrew the red collet to give your 180 degrees it naturally loosens the red collet leaving you just 2 grub screws to hold everything tight. (you could potentially make a shim so it tightens up nice at a 180 degrees from original position) I am going to continue using mine as intended. (long section at the top with camera mounted to it) Another reason for this is it gives more clearance around the top of the mount when I connect a long dovetail bar. (see photo) Best regards
  13. A little ambitious perhaps... but fairly happy with this photo taken with a Yashica Mat 124g medium format film camera. Exposure was approximately 12 seconds at f3.5 on Lomography 800 colour film. Processed at the lab and scanned on my trusty Plustek Opticfilm 120. Best regards W
  14. so does this mean all the flowers will bloom in the middle of the night? It's gonna do wonders for my runners beans if so!
  15. for the EQ5 which is near as darn it the same. you will find this guide very informative. http://www.astro-baby.com/HEQ5/HEQ5-2.htm
  16. you could remove the painted stakes by your house and hope they don't notice
  17. it makes perfect sense but isn't a telescope focal length adjusted to achieve perfect focus by winding the focus tube in or out. therefore not entirely fixed ?
  18. hehe, indeed. but if a person with bad eyesight and glasses/contact lenses removed were to manually focus a camera, take a photograph and print.... would that final print be out of focus when said person pops their glasses back on?
  19. wow, does this mean when you take a photo of a DSO it is out of focus for the rest of the family?
  20. this particular deal aside..... maplin products are generally poor quality and grossly overpriced. sorry
  21. mmm... i don't think mine is that bad so i gonna leave it. mine is rather stiff in the RA movement (with clutches released) which makes balancing the thing a little inaccurate... could be that i simply haven't broken the mount in yet and its still stiff here and there.
  22. Thanks. i was getting worried the other day too when i upgraded my bolts the mount gets really stiff around the 52 deg area which is where the fine tuning takes place. which isn't a bad thing i suppose. i tend to give it a helping push when i adjust it whilst making sure the opposite bolt is well clear. Thanks for posting though as the last thing i considered was to dismantle anything (god forbid).
  23. hi there. when you say loosen the grub screws (and therefore the mount)... is this because the mount is quite stiff to move in the altitude direction?
  24. Some jaw dropping setups..... here's my humble Meade 127mm ED (f7.5) and silver bullet (the get outta town wagon).
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