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  1. Bazz

    Beginners Return

    Thank you all for the warm welcome back.
  2. Bazz

    Beginners Return

    After a five year absence I am back and still very much a beginner. Looking forward to posting again.
  3. I really enjoyed it Michael, the enthusiasm of the public towards this event was fantastic.
  4. Good luck for tonight and tomorrow SAS. We even got a mention on BBC Local News, Look North.
  5. That is one thing we have no control over, however I think with other activities we have got it covered just in case.
  6. http://www.sunderlandastro.com/2015/12/15th-16th-january-stargazing-live/
  7. Stunning images. Pluto is fast becoming one of my favourite "Planets" (I know, but it should be reinstated).
  8. Had to wait for Christmas but just ordered the BST 8mm Starguider (Explorer) as my pressy.
  9. Some friends at SAS (Sunderland Astronomical Society) recommended these to me and they come collimated and checked before you receive them. http://www.telescopehouse.com/bresser-hunter-10x50-porro-prism-binoculars.html Welcome to Stargazers Lounge and Clear Skies.
  10. Not it's moon unfortunately but Uranus.
  11. I think I got it last night. Not 100% sure though.
  12. Held my phone up to the eyepiece last night:
  13. I think it would be ideal for anyone not just kids, especially those on a budget.
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