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  1. Wow , Last night we saw Jupiter and the major moons and Saturn for the first time though our little Celestron SE6. Even with this little telescope we could see the rings well . It really was breathtaking. We went through a number of eyepieces. we finally had a 25mm Celestron and a 2x Barlow, This gave a good compromise. The dew shield worked well. (A great investment), We were just looking mouths agape, we had never seen this before. It was truly breathtaking experience. The telescope needs proper alignment though, I had to find both Saturn and Jupiter manually, which whilst a bit of
  2. .................Deep Joy, The Joy shields arrived today!!!! Two days quarantine for that . As soon as we buy something it's cloudy skies guaranteed anyway, - sorry everyone. Wish you clear skies D
  3. Hooray, the Star Adventurer pro pack arrived, looking forward to the dew shield this afternoon! Now the skies will be cloudy for ages . - Sorry everyone
  4. First one we have joined. This was really great, Some amazing pictures and really nicely explained. Great job Thanks very much indeed to all who organised and of course to Gary. Clear Skies D+L
  5. Hi Steve , we too are just starting , welcome, they seem a really friendly group here. Good luck and clear skies
  6. Kluson

    New here!

    Hi Both, We are in a similar boat, really enjoying it here, so much great advice
  7. Canon 600D is a great camera, there's one on Camera Jungle cheers and good luck D
  8. still waiting on the Dew shield. I can assure you all that the moment it arrives, we will be in for cloudy weather. This I have learnt already
  9. are you only selling as a complete package?
  10. thanks, that's exactly what I need just the hot shoe adaptor which can be bought separately clear skies D
  11. Phew, That's great - Thanks so much for the advice wish you clear skies D
  12. Hi Guys Not sure which forum to ask this question but here goes. I have a now redundant red dot finder from my Celestron SE6. Is there a way to fit this to the hot shoe of my DSLR? My finder has a clamp which looks like the kind of thing you would find on a telescopic sight, it would be good to put this to use on my DSLR Many thanks in advance D
  13. Thanks so much for your advice Steve, . I had already ordered from Amazon before I saw this last post. It arrived today. I have not yet opened the product packaging. I can see that the top of the unit has a large oblong button? and a smaller round one. Is this the right one. I can always send it back to Amazon. there is no rush as our Dew shield has not yet arrived I wish you clear skies D
  14. That's great, please let me know how you get on , I would also like to get a Raspberry Pi cheers D
  15. Actually it was Fenland Paul who said that not me. I just quoted him. He was giving us a run down of how he got on with his start adventurer. I was very interested to know as a beginner also going down that road. I am going to mount mine on a vanguard pro 2+ tripod which is a very sturdy beast. Thanks and wish you clear skies D
  16. Hi Andy, another newbie here. This is a great place. I have been given some great help already and help based around fact not opinion. Good luck with your adventure. all the best D
  17. you may find the book Digital SLR Astrophotography useful too, it's author is Michael A. Covington.
  18. This is a great post and has at least put my mind at rest that I am not doing anything really wrong If I see a bit of fluff, I'm quite excited! Mrs K is in awe of anything we see through the telescope. It really is incredible. we love it. Think it may be quite nice to upgrade to one of those Hubble things, but at the moment we are happy with our Nexstar 6SE
  19. Thanks Alan and Jeremy, it looks ideal
  20. Thanks so much for your tips cheers D
  21. Thanks so much, That is brilliant advice. Exactly the kind of thing we need. We both really appreciate your kind post. So glad I found this place and thanks for your continued advice. it really is great Thanks and all the best Dave and Lou.
  22. Many thanks Paul, Planisphere ordered. Thanks very much indeed Cheers D
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