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M106 & Friends


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Just completed my first stack of this one, I had to place M106 where it was so I could fit all the other stuff on. But so far, the first test of the SW FF/FR has gone splendidly well :D though I was surprised at what a weighty piece of kit it is.

There are only 7 galaxies I could identify here, the other fuzzies ive no idea about becuase they arent listed on stellarium. Also decided to "go commando" on this one, no filters (bar the UV/IR block).

On a side note, the guiding has been excellent the past two nights.

M106 (mag 8.3)

NGC 4231 & 4232 (mag 15)

NGC 4217 (mag 12)

NGC 4226 (mag 14)

NGC 4220 (mag 12)

NGC 4248 (mag 12.6)

SW ED80, Atik 314L+, 0.85x FF/FR

20x300, 8x600 (L only)

Setpoint -10

Guiding hassle: Zero


Thanks for looking :rolleyes:



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Thanks guys :D

Im not even sure if the other fuzzies here are NGC objects. The only way to find out would be to put it through CdC or some other prog that can identify the objects.

I will have another stab at processing again it a bit later becuase I might have stretched it a bit too much to get the outer arms of M106 (a tricky little git).

I was working on the Coma supercluster last night too, which has countless fuzzies. Havent stacked it yet, but the list will be a long one for that beastie!

Tonight will be a good one though, perfect weather and ive now got a shorter M48 to M42 adapter so I can use the filter wheel again.... yay!!

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Ive just checked cdc, still cant identify them :D in that area it only shows Messier and NGC objects.

Ive tried updating the catalogue, but still no go. Maybe im not doing something right?

So at the moment im looking at something called the hyperLEDA index. It has found something under the SDSS and PGC catalog. At the moment its probably best just to get the data in while the weather is sublime :rolleyes: I'll worry about the astrometry later.

If anyones interested in a look at the index, heres the link:


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