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  1. I get the error you mention - "ValueError: time data 'x x.000' does not match format '%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S.%f'" How did you solve it ? Regards John B
  2. so Gav, contributions are indeed welcome, have you read https://radiometeordetection.org/radioproject - PM me and I will send more info Kind Regards John B
  3. Hi so we are attempting to match Video \ Radio events and its not quite as simple as you would think, to aid us we are mapping the radio sky using known ISS passes (and correcting for location and altitude) If you look at this map https://radiometeordetection.org/radiomap you will see we are making progress, when we have more data we will then look for video events in our area of interest and see if we have any corresponding radio events for more info do have a look here: https://radiometeordetection.org/radioproject Kind Regards John B
  4. Hi I have compressed 3 hours worth into a short clip Kind Regards John B
  5. Hi Some of you may be aware of the Radio Meteor Detection collaboration Project which is a group of contributors who submit their monthly log files after which do a number of things with the data see here for more info: https://radiometeordetection.org/about Our latest exciting project is to see if we can successfully match Radio and Video events to aid our understanding of meteor phenomena, so we are now starting to Map Radio Meteor Altitudes for GRAVES. The attached PDF gives a full description of this project The project brief and maps can be found here: https://radiometeordetection.org If you want any more information or feel you can help in any way, please do get in touch Kind Regards John Berman Mapping Radar Meteor Altitudes for GRAVES.pdf
  6. Hi I should know but need direction to an IOS app for the forum - i did try TapaTalk but failed - pointers appreciated Regards John B
  7. Hi im sure its just settings etc, there is no reason why you should not get get GRAVES all the time its transmitting, I collaborate with others and some are on the south coast like yourself and they have no issues John B
  8. check my file as i set the Log_Threshold - the minimum duration of a meteor event that will be logged (in seconds) to quite a high number as im interested in longer events
  9. Hi Gav Sorry for the slow response - seem like things are progressing I have attached the script im using which is from this thread I have made some changes but its east to follow - and there is an option to record sounds which works quite well Have a listed to this Sporadic E induced event that I managed to record If i can help in any way to get in touch John jberman.USR
  10. Its so rewarding once it al comes together, im no expert but happy to help if you need it, spent a lot of time perfecting my own setup - nut when it works John
  11. Hi A compilation of some of the longer radio events from the Perseid Peak Regards John B Perseids_Clips.mp4
  12. @SteveNickolls It would be good to compare - maybe you would be interested in contributing to the Radio Meteor Detection Collaboration Project There are quite a few of us doing this PM me if interested John
  13. So for the Perseids I will be Livestreaming from 18:00 UTC 12 August through to 18:00 UTC on the 13 August - Live stream will be found here on You Tube I tend to stream most days but will always stream over Meteor Peaks We managed to capture an event at 18:10 UTC on 29 May 2020 which coincided with the extensive Sporadic-E at that time the video is on the Channel Regards John Berman
  14. Arietids are nearly upon us, they run from May 22 to July 2 and peaks on the 7th June, with my Forward Scatter setup I will be live streaming from 18:00 UTC 06 June through to 18:00 UTC on the 7 June - Live stream will be found here on YouTube You will see when I am Live Streaming, if you subscribe you will also be emailed when ever Live Streaming Starts Any questions please ask away Regards John B
  15. Hi I managed to record the event (Video with Sound) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vzJc6yRHdEU Regards John B
  16. So more success after tweaking the offset and display buttons I now have capture I can see, so can I enhance the captures in anyway ideally can I zoom in Suggestions appreciated Regards John B
  17. So thinking a little more I need to tweak the offset and display buttons a little more to move it further down the screen as the captures are right at the top of the screen. Maybe then I can reduce the SP to zoom in on the captures. John B
  18. So thinking a little more I need to tweak the offset and display buttons a little more to move it further down the screen as the captures are right at the top of the screen. Maybe then I can reduce the SP to zoom in on the captures. John B
  19. Hi So my last post made no sense (apologies) Im using the updated conditional actions and the MetScat_Comprehensive_v7.usr file Using the test beacon which is set to 144428000 you can see in the attached screen shot im getting a decent signal (there is some local interference but I guess I will have to live with that for the time being) I have used the Offset Up/ Down to line the blue frequency marker with the actual tone displayed on the waterfall and whilst that does seem to work I was hoping to move the waterfall down rather than the marker up – does that make sense Also given the beacon is at 14443000 and the tone on the waterfall is at 14440400 my dongle is out by some 2600 (not sure if that’s a positive or negative) and that value seems to be consistent, can I just put that value in the offset box in the settings, after which I would simply have to get the waterfall down Advice appreciated Regards John B
  20. Myself and others have over the past few years been collecting Radio Meteor Data via Spectrum Lab We collect Date Time (UTC) Signal Noise Frequency SN Ratio Doppler Duration (in Cycles or Seconds) And in some instances a screen capture We all use Graves or BRAMS and there is some standardisation in the collection method (that can always be improved) Data gets uploaded each month and this is all available via an online Database Additionally we calculate Coincidences – which in our case are were 3 or more stations have detected the same event (+ - 1 second) and that are 10 Secs or longer So to date we have been quite successful in our original objectives Im interested to know where we can take this next (please bear in mind im no expert in this field and my maths is limited, I do the web stuff) given the data we collect what other interesting things could we do in addition to Coincidences Thoughts appreciated Regards JohnB http://meteor.m81.co.uk/welcome.php
  21. thanks for that working now, reference i was using 2.94 b2 and now using 2.93 b8 Another newbie question my dongle is not perfect and before i used this script I used to set the VFO at -2265 to compensate for the dongle, this script of course sets it to 143048, so where can i add my offset ? John
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