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2 Cameras, 2 Pictures, 1 Moon!


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Now SR has changed the black point, I've changed my mind. P1 is now better.

It's difficult to tell either way with these shrunken images as the reduction will reduce the detail and can add nasty artefacts during the shrinking process. It entirely depends which one fares best at shrinking time and that depends on the scale factor, shrink algorithm and JPEG compression because both will give bigger pictures than you can post here.

Either way you got both to work and that's a good thing.

Captain Chaos

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I forgot to add, the Fuji was taken using a 26mm EP, where the A70 was though a 20mm EP

I suppose there is no comparison really. I forgot I have to take pics with the 26mm 2" EP with the fuji, and the 1.25" EP is too small.



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