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First Horse & Flame


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Hi :(

Well got a good clear(ish) night last night, first for me since October!

Decided on somthing to fill my chip and while Orion is still up, I got me a horsey! :(

Managed 2.5hrs 60sec subs but stacked the best 1.45hrs. Only got 7 darks as the camera battery died :(

ISO800, 300D(modded)+CLS-CCD, ED80, CG5(non GT)

Posting two versions here as i'm not sure whats going on?

There is a VERY strong red signal that I found difficult to process out. So my question...am I picking up gas or is the colour balance wrong?

I know the stars are still wrong but I will get to that, just need some direction on what to aim for...ie get rid of all that red patches in the spacey areas or leave it? :)

Feel free to have a play with, and please comment :(

This is DSO no.3 to my name so quite pleased ;)

Just waiting for my new HEQ5 to arrive from FLO this week to hopfully take it all to the next level! :)





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That's awesome!!!

As someone else A: with a modded 300D, B: about to get an ED80 and C: waiting for a HEQ5-Pro from FLO (allegedly they might not be available till next week :-( ) this gives me hope and inspiration apleanty!

I noticed Orion was visible and still quite high about 9pm yesterday, pitty I still don't have any equipment to do anything about it!


PS: did you need to do anything to filter out the light from Alnitak during imaging or is this all just balanced out in the processing?

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nice pics, certainly getting there, thanks for posting...

I guessing because you are using a DSLR you may have a little trouble with the dark frames (I assume you are using some)... did the camera change temperature whilst you were imaging?

I'm experienceing a similar issue but to a lesser degree with my lodestar as it isn't cooled so its temperature changes throughout the night.

perhaps you could try one of those remote temperature readers you can get from halfords/maplin. then check the camera back temp regularly and if it changes by more than a couple of degrees then it's time to take another dark frame. Would be much easier than a thermally controlled fan and heatsink.


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Nice shots.

I much prefer the first version. As for the red I wouldn't know what to say. To me it looks like your shot has the same sort of colour range as others I have seen. Sure the stars may need some work such as Alnitak but it doesn't detract, for me, in this image. I must admit Im struggling with the stars in my M42 at the moment so when you find out what to do Id love to know :)

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Great stuff Michael. Number one is far more accurate on colour. I suspect that, as ever, green is the key. When things are too magenta, lift the green. I don't use DSLRs so I can't help much beyond that.

A simple way to work on Alnitak (what a monster that fella is!!!) is to do a short stretch and layer it over the image you already have. We were doing that this morning on some nice galaxy data with seemingly burned out cores.


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Off to a very good start Michael..

I am trying to remember what causes the smearing effect I think its soemthing to do with mismatched darks...

Havent go the thread that discussed it a few years back to pop out of the search engine (yet...)

Will try a gain tomorrow...

Digz.. a short stretch is one where the image date hasnt been "pushed" (Pulled ?) too hard.. hasn't had the levels or curves tweaked too much



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Hi Michael. I prefer the first one, but I think you could do with taking the flame out of the second and dumping it in the first! Looks a bit orange.

Great result for short subs though. I'm limited to 60 secs (tried 90 over the weekend with dubious results) - pain innit?! :)

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Thanks guys.

Lee- I am using a manual Celestron CG5 EQ mount with a RA motor. Pritty pleased with it for getting going at a low cost (£120) But an HEQ5 will allow me to autoguide and make things much easier....i hope! :)

Doug- Yea I seen that with the flame myself, I will get round to a final reprocess soon. I also tried 120sec's etc at the start of the night but like you decided to play it safer :( IMO better to have loads of decent 60sec rather than a few good 120sec.


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Fantastic first Michael,my first attempt at it was for my eyes only,embarrassing would be an understatement.

I got the Flame ok but the HH turned out to be a bit of a donkey

First one for me.

You've definately hit the ground running.:)

The HEQ5 will make a big difference,a great mount,mines been running sweet since i got it and even better now i since i did the goto upgrade.

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