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  1. Only £5750? A snip! My mod was a bit cheaper than that
  2. Hi guys Don't get on here much but thought I'd post this to promote the kit I recently purchased a mono cooled Canon 450D from Luis Campos in sunny Portugal-by-the-sea. Or to be more precise I purchased one of Luis's cameras that had been previously purchased by his sidekick Paulo Mesquita, and hence got a good deal This image of IC 1318 was a bit of an experiment, the purpose of which was 1. to test my mount (which is currently being an ass) and 2. to see what a 40 minute Ha sub on a DSLR would look like. So this image is one 40 minute (2400 second) sub @ iso 1600 on Luis's Canon 450D, mono
  3. Old thread I know, but I've just bought a used HEQ5, circa 2011 I believe, with version 3.27 firmware. The polarscope dimmer on mine is under the Setup menu, not under the Utilities menu. It's labelled Polarscope LED and it comes after the LCD Contrast option. Works a treat, but doesn't remember the setting after switching the mount off. Still, can't have everything I suppose
  4. I'd definitely put something is about what to do when DEC goes crazy Tom i.e. push up the backlash compensation in EQMOD. I'm still having problems with this. Although guiding on the whole isn't too bad, the DEC still dramatically drops fairly frequently and takes several seconds before it gets back on track. I know spot-on polar alignment will stop this, but if your polar alignment is spot-on, you wouldn't need to guide in DEC anyway Did you manage to contact Chris about making a modification in EQMOD for that slider?
  5. Sounds reasonable to me Tom. How much would those motors increase the slew speed, and I assume DEC backlash would no longer be a problem?
  6. If the new motors, mounts etc were as easy to fit as the Skywatcher ones Tom, I'd certainly be interested
  7. Box Brownie mate - that's what you want.
  8. The webcam needs modding though - the lens has to be removed and an adaptor used to attach it to the finderscope, or whatever guidescope you're using. This isn't a five minute job guys
  9. Also makes an excellent umbrella stand
  10. Just had a look at those photos Tom attached and that doesn't look too bad actually - I think I could actually cope with something like that. I probably won't though
  11. Doesn't always result in success Mark - sometimes your kit turns to poop
  12. I'll be interested to hear your results. It seems possible that I have other issues with the kit that have nothing to do with AstroEQ - just coincidence that these issues made themselves known at the time I was testing, as so often happens with this stuff. The more test data we have to better the chances of ironing out any glitches
  13. Hi Minimalist. Just to balance the discussion, unfortunately I've had no luck guiding with AstroEQ. I was guiding with no problems at all using the ST4 mod and PHD immediately prior to using AstroEQ, but with AstroEQ, whilst being an excellent goto for the EQ5, I wasn't able to guide at all. Now unfortunately, I can't guide with either. I burnt out my modded handset switching back from AstroEQ (forgot to switch it back to 6v from 12v), so bought a used replacement and modded it. Since then, I haven't been able to guide at all. Not sure what the problem is, but it may be the reason why I couldn
  14. Hope everyone had a good Christmas. A rare clear night here tonight, and I thought I'd get back out there and have another go at getting guiding going. I managed to calibrate quicker than last time, but the guiding was appalling. I've just come in after about 3 hours, shivering and having given up. I tried adjusting the various sliders in EQMOD in every configuration I could think of, and the graph is still all over the place. I was able to guide accurately using just phd previously, so I assume there's nothing wrong with the kit. So, to repeat my previous question in a slightly different way,
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