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Online Observation Collaboration Tool?


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I've started using Astroplanner for planning and logging but it strikes me that an online version (a web application) with a community collaboration focus would be pretty useful. It might have features like:

  • Each member has their own area where they can post information, record their equipment, upload photos, plan events etc.
  • Members can form groups. Groups have similar functionality to members.
  • Members can create observation lists and share them online. Lists may be for long-term observations, or for one night event and star parties.
  • Observation reports can be created online and shared with the community, ultimately building up a large database of observations from around the world.

Does something like this already exist? If not, would anyone find it useful? What other features would a site like this need?

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I'm not sure if there's no interest or I posted this in a quiet part of the forum. :) In case anyone was wondering, I'm certainly not touting for business, here - I could use a project like this to learn some new skills (Ruby on Rails) so it would be good for me, and if it ever launched publicly it would be free to use.

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I think this would be a great tool, a kind of facebook for astronomy.

What would be perfect would be if there was a way to extend AstroPlanner (or other observing tools) to upload observing data to the site.

Also it could be a great tool to research equipment to see who else has your equipment and what they have been doing with it. Or if you are researching other equipment see easily what potential it has by seeing what other people have been able to do with theirs.

Lot's of possibilities.

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