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  1. Jupiter for me. Awestruck, especially with the G-moons fully on show.
  2. Just imagine it with earrings and you're about there.
  3. I see you've met the mother-in-law. Lovely woman, but don't make any sudden movements around her.
  4. It's quite clear here in Manchester, just been observing Saturn. Seeing's not so great, but Saturn's still quite a sight!
  5. This gives me a great excuse to buy a bigger scope every few years. Thanks!
  6. Unfortunately, ever since the discovery of quantum mechanics, the traditional image of electrons whizzing around the nucleus like planets around a star no longer holds water. All we know is that they inhabit a shell, a specific distance away from the nucleus - you can't really say anything about their motion. And as acey said, it's not a machine because it does no work.
  7. I caught Saturn for the very first time tonight. It was absolutely staggering - I honestly can't describe the feeling when I first saw it. Unbelievable.
  8. It's already out. Just make sure you buy a new one.
  9. Can you get rotating rings? E.g. Something that would allow the OTA to freely rotate around the longitudinal axis without it slipping up or down and going out of balance? Quickly loosen it, spin it around then tighten it again. /edit - lol, like what he said!
  10. All laws of nature only apply until demonstrated to be wrong. Having said that, relativity has proven remarkably resilient to experiment, and the most successful model of the universe we have, the Standard Model of Elementary Particles which describes nature at the smallest scale, is itself a relativistic quantum field theory.
  11. Than who? I'd say his word carries more weight than, say, mine.
  12. That was on the last episode of S@N. He liked it.
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