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SXH16 First Light on M42


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I managed to obtain a SXH16 second hand recently, and last night was my first opportunity to try it out. I spent Sunday finding the best way to attach it to the scope, and getting to grips with MaximDL as control software. As you can imagine, the learning curve is steep after using a Canon 1000d. Focussing is also a pain after the joys of liveview. I took 10x200s with it mounted on the Meade ED80 + 0.8FR + IDAS LPF. I took some other shots with different exposures, but not processed them yet. I've no filter wheel yet, so luminance only at this stage. Also, these are lights only, no darks, flats or bias yet - early days!


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This is an excellent start - a nice crisp image. Forget the FWHM and HFD figures in MaximDL (they are no worse to use than any other software though) and make yourself a Bahtinov mask - focus will become quick, easy and intuitive this way and a darn sight easier than Liveview too!

MaximDL is a great program so you won't regret the steep learning curve.

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