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Remote for Canon 1000D

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Will this:

digitalmediastore: Canon compatible RS-60E3 Multi-Function Timer remote control

work on a Canon 1000D? I know it says it does (!!) but can anyone confirm that before I part with forty quid?

I already have an "ordinary" remote but it is such a pain manually operating 2min subs!! - and I don't (yet) have a lappy or I would use that.

Thank you.

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I have an RF one that works pretty well (comes in two parts, RF remote and a wired RF receiver which also has a two-stage button that can be used instead of the RF remote). I wanted a time-lapse one but couldn't fine one at the time (not that fitted the 1000d), this looks like just the ticket so thank you posters very much for the information!

This is the one I have. The advantage of this is that, unlike the official Canon IR one, it can be used from any side of the camera and quite a distance away (great for wildlife shooting from a hide).

100 meters 16 Channels Remote Control & Switch fits: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics

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Just received my RS-60E3 (from Ukpartsdeal at £18.95) remote and have just set it up to take a few darks - worked a treat and very easy to set up! You can turn off the camera display to save on batteries (and turn off the "bleeper" on the remote). I've just read a thread that tells you how to "fool" the camera into allowing "mirror lock-up" to work WITHOUT having to press the shutter twice each time - must try that next!

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