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Uncollimatable scope?

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Hi all,

Just been having a look around my new scope (Skywatcher 200mm newt) and it occured to me that it only had three screws at the back! :shock: Does this mean there is no way of adjusting the primary when I buck up the courage to collimate? I always thought (and the instructions say it) that there should be 3 adjustmewnt screws and three locking screws.

Have I got a dud? :D

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I don't think you can get an UNcollimatable scope. It's probably just a different design. Sounds like SkyWatcher (or generally modern technology) to make a clever design that actually just worries and confuses you at first, even if it does make the job easier.


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I used to have one of those - mine had a 2 inch hole drilled in that cover with a fan attached to it which ran off a small battery - it lessened the cool down time a bit but I was worried about dust blowing over the mirror so I did not use it much.


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