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Leonid meteors set to dazzle


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Sky watchers in western Europe and Africa, northeastern North America and Brazil may get a brief treat this weekend with the height of the Leonid meteor shower.

The meteors are expected to reach peak intensity around 0445 GMT on Sunday (2345 EST on Saturday). The most intense part of the shower will last only a few hours.

Under dark skies, people may spot about 100 to 150 meteors per hour, making the Leonids one of the best showers this year.

Source: New Scientist



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I saw a couple of beauties early during the wee small hours of this morning (Saturday morning). The ZHR was about average, about 10 per hour but one was magnitude -3 running down through Perseus. I'm getting excited about tonight but the weather isn't looking too helpfull! :D But hey, being an astronomer in this country I am fill with unjustified optimism.....Fingers crossed and good luck everybody. Best wishes and clear sky's

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Im having a early night ready for a 3am start Sunday morning,will be having a go at Saturn as well.

If things are looking good then i might try to capture some Leonids on the Dslr

Just have to make sure i dont have that second bottle of wine tonight :D

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