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  1. The future will take a little longer now, gods speed Arthur
  2. After Christmas would be good for me too. that'll be something to look forward to in the new year. Might have a few more members interested by then.
  3. Any day/evening is good for me as long as I have a few days notice. Steve, did you want to car share?
  4. So...... do we have a plan yet? sounds like a lot of interest and worth getting together, and a beer too!
  5. Herstmonceux would be good and lots of decent country pubs with real ale too!
  6. Hi Steve, indeed it is...... and nice to hear rom you again. Any news on meeting up? I think joint observing sessions can be very productive as well as a flippin good laugh. A pub's always a good staring point too.
  7. Hi, I'm interested in meeting up too. Will watch with interest
  8. Just looked on their web sit, looks fantastic, count me in. I'll bring my pencils
  9. Give Burnhams celestial handbooks a go. There are three volumes in all and are old by todays standards but in my oppinion one of the best guides for serious deep sky observers. If you are like me, once you sus out the symbols used to describe the objects you will find them invaluable with excellent descriptions of many objects. give them a look, I'm glad I did. Best wishes and clear sky's.....Paul T
  10. paul t


    I'm still here and still looking skyward. Just a little busy with life right now but have big plans so watch this space...... Best wishes and clear sky's
  11. I observed a magnitude minus 5/6 fireball last night Monday 27th November) at approximately 23:00 UT from my home near Canterbury and wondered if it was observed by any other local members?. It was Slow moving but intensely bright and passed down through Lynx / Leo Minor into Cancer where it broke up into several smaller pieces before fading. Although it was a short lived event it was so bright it cast shadows but didn't leave any visable train. Please let me know if any one else observed it. Cheers and clear sky's.....Paul T
  12. I saw a clear sky once upon a time, was a while ago tho. My self, I prefer to turn to Caffrey's to to help me through them oft cloudy nights.......Cheers
  13. 3:30 am GMT and rain Still, lets be positive! Only another 24 years till comet Temple Tuttle passes this way again and we can expect some more fireworks
  14. Oh the posh end of Canterbury then! I'm in Nonignton, so we're about 10 mile's apart. It would be great to meet up some time and put a face to the name, may be organise an observing session. Look forward to hearing from you some time soon. Best wishes and clear sky's....Paul
  15. Hi, I'm from just outside Canterbury too if thats any good. Where abouts are you? Best wishes and clear sky's
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