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Junior meets big brother Aug 9th

neil phillips

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Seeing was rubbish, but after the clouds rolled in before i got a capture, that looked like it, but i waited till daylight and got a few shots off as the clouds cleared and daylight took hold.

Not what i got a few days ago, but better than a completly wasted night. oval BA right up close to the GRS interesting to see that when it happens. The moon belongs to the capture size shot if your wondering


another from the 6th i processed last night

2:30 UT


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Interesting conjunction on the surface of Jupiter. Congrats with POW, I was going to say that 6th Aug - your best so far - deserves POW but thought I will keep my mouth shut! Wonder if the two spots will merge - probably not but time lapse will be interesting to see.


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Thanks All

Yes i know its been talked about before any interaction with the 2 spots but its never happened, so it looks unlikely, but you never know with these things.

John i thought the other capture was the better one too, but i think the moon shadow interests people, so i guess that may be the reason it was chosen instead.

I will hopefully be able to get a movie out of it, but im not sure yet as there was problems with some of the captures due to cloud, work in progress. But the detail on show coincided with reasonable calmness and no wind, a recipe for better things. More please. Good luck with the weather systems in oz

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