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Northern lights tours?

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Hello everybody, my dear wife has said that she will treat me to a trip to see the northern lights next year, I'm hitting the big 40. I was wandering if anybody on the forum could advise me on a reputable and good company that runs tours. Has any body been on any? And did you enjoy yourself? Also, I'm thinking of buying a new camera to go with me, I've had a look at the Canon 50d with a appropriate lens. Which lens would be a good choice for taking photos of the northern lights? Any advice very appreciated.

Thank you.

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No Advice Sorry

But Enjoy Lucky you.

This is what I Want to do but by ship...

I Wont fly No more..

I Have a friend who went on a trip to see them on the Plane

and she said the Northern Lights wasan't performing too good when she went

But she said the ****Stars**** was out of this world, Fantastic,

and said she will never forget the experience


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Im interested in seeing what comes of this post.

I went to Alaska a couple of years back and was hoping to see the Northern Lights but didn't get lucky. Since then I've been thinking of doing one of these flight tours but I cant reconcile my preconception of what the view would be like out of the windows - i.e. not all to special?

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How about a search engine and "northern lights tours"

Found several in Bing and I guess Google will pop up more.

Seen them twice when flying back from Canada, if you look at the northern-lights-tours.co.uk site they have examples of aurora and one is Canada. That basically is what I saw. Nice to have seen but not spectacular.

Several cruises up the side of Norway and they claim aurora so you get a cruise, see the Norwegian Fjords and hopefully the aurora.

Difficult to say really as solar activity is part of it and dear old Sol is a bit quiet presently.

Also no-one can guarantee aurora, it is a case of high or low probability, but not certainty.

I would probably opt for a cruise as other things to do and see, and an aurora is a bonus.

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I was searching for a holiday a few weeks ago on an Irish website Book cheap flights - Gohop.ie and i saw that they also do a 5 night trip to Tromso (3 ngts in Tromso and a couple of nights in another town) to see the northern lights in Oct/Nov.All inclusive, the trip only costs 500 euro.

I thought that was brilliant value for money. I think i'd also prefer to see them from a cruise ship as i am in a wheelchair and am not sure of the lay of the land on the tours and snow etc.

I hope you find what you are looking for. Pete would be the man to talk to about it regarding all aspects of the tour and the photography side of it also.

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