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Hotech woes

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Hi Everyone

Today I thought I would collimate my dob with my new hotech laser collimator and seeing as I had my 1.25 eyepiece holder in I removed the 2" adapter and put it into the focuser. I then tightened the 1.25 compression ring as much as I thought safe but it was still very loose in the focuser. So I tried to put it back into the 2" adapter and again it would not tighten sufficiently to grip the adapter. The 2" adapter tightens fine into the 2" eyepiece holder but I cannot use it as the actual collimator itself cannot be put back firmly into the adapter.

Has anybody else had this problem and is there a cure short of sending it back to Steve.

Any help or advice by Hotech owners would be very much appreciated.



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All sorted !

Finally got my 300p collimated perfectly after nearly 2 years.

Thanks James at FLO , as always , very helpful


Hey Vlebo,

Can you give us a quick run through of what james said, I seem to remeber not being to happy with the fit of my Hotech when I tried it out, not really used it in anger yet.


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Hi Gary

No problem , as I mentioned in my original post I was having trouble getting the 1.25 " collimator section back into the 2" adapter firmly and also not being able to tigfhten it up into the 1.25" focuser and after speaking to James and using much more force than I would have normally used I managed to tighten the collimator back into the 2" adapter. I was really quite surprised at how much force you need on the compression ring of the 1.25" collimator to get it to trighten up back into the adapter but it is working fine now and I am now the proud owner of a well collimated 300p dob.


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