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  1. Hi everyone, Just need a little help choosing a pair of bins in the 25x100 range. Have been looking at the Strathspeys but they look identical to the Quantum 4's and alike but more expensive...why? Are the optics better but the body the same? Budgets upto £350 ish what do you think? Many thanks
  2. Yes you can I experienced a definate 'whoosh' while catching sight of a meteor from my back garden I think it was last year. Its in one of my old threads somewhere. Never heard one since even after observing several others from the same location.
  3. Can't believe I have not observed since sometime last winter excuses include working overtime so tired enough thanks oh and an 18 mth old boy limiting my sleep already, weather , usual light pollution blocking tree looking worse for wear and not doing its job, ok I'm clutching at straws now but its just flown by and to top it off I come back to SGL and its all super duper hi tech and looks awsome. I feel like a newbie again haha. Roll on autumn! Classifieds are back too woohoo! Steve
  4. Hi Moonshane so how does that work on a Dob? I presume some kind of end filter on the open end of my Lightbridge and then another special eyepiece filter? Steve
  5. I'm over in Caversham and it always looks good to the north of me just can't get my backside into gear! If theres a Reading meet up count me in.
  6. Well I tried my 2" 32mm panaview and it fitted ok but havn't tried to focus with it. My Hyperion focused with no problems. What make and where did you get the extension tube from?
  7. Excellent thanks John. Looks like the barlow will be in the for sale section asap.
  8. Went to use them together tonight but the barlow wont go all the way home. There seems to be a small ridge in the focuser but surely the barlow should fit a same make focuser? Is it me or will these two not go together? Revelation Dual speed crayford focuser Revelation 2"ED barlow Steve
  9. Try the Abingdon astro club/society they use Britwell and another sight just up the M40 from you. I've yet to try them.
  10. Yep dont see why not. I have an Astrozap light shroud for my Lightbridge (must have been flush at the time) but that would do the job.
  11. ooh will be ordering an SGL sticker asap. Catch a glimpse of it as I creep past you in my oil burning golf on the M4!
  12. Bresser 10x50s and Celestron skymaster 15x70s with tripod.
  13. Done it! Looks awsome and is a pleasure to use compared to the stock one. Drilling went well thank goodness, I think I had a little bead of sweat roll down my forehead at one point haha. Many thanks guys.
  14. Cheers Vicky for that. Now in my sky planner for recording. steve
  15. Hi Mark I tried those too but failed miserably. Just couldnt find anything that night even though it was nice and clear and with a hint of the milkiy way overhead. steve
  16. Hi and a very warm welcome to the forum skyixie.
  17. Mines pants too, 3 streetlamps and next doors annoying security light. Having said that I have managed to sight a very faint milky way and have viewed the ring nebula M57 yet struggle with Andromeda M31.
  18. Great, I'm looking forward to that comparison CGolder I understand FLO our out of stock untill tuesday. Might sell my 17mm before purchasing the zoom. I presume this will make my Barlow defunct and I've only just bought it
  19. Thanks for the reply Mark. I hope one day to get a look through an Ethos/Nagler...yes way out of my range just building up at the moment. steve
  20. I was wondering how these perform. I have a 17mm, a WO 6mm and a 32mm panny but just thought it might be a good idea to get one to cover all the middle ground (sell the 17mm). What do you think? is it better to use a single power EP or is the zooms as good an dea as it sounds? thanks steve
  21. WOW nice shes a beauty!
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