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Very clear last night.


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Good morning all.

Last night I got home about 12.00am and as it seemed clear I thought before I go to bed I would have a quick peek with my 10x50 binos.

As my eyes began to get dark adapted I realised it was a really clear night and I could see a lot more than usual so I found ursa minor , which I do not normally see clearly with the naked eye , then moved to cassiopeia and in no time hunted down Andromeda low in the north east and with slight averted vision had a really good look. Thats the first time I have managed to see Andromeda this time of year and I was chuffed as I normally only get to see it September onwards. Anybody else experience really good visibility last night ?

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Well I Dont know where you all live but your lucky

We sat out all day / evening till 12am

Saw the ISS with cargo ship in the front of it.

that was quite bright and clear.

a couple of stars

and the ursa minor

all through the bino's

the telescope was set up in hope to see Saturn.

no chance.

then nothing but cloud the stars dissapearing under them

so packed up and went to bed.;o(

roll on winter.



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Yes it was clear here on the Sussex coast last night. I spent about 3 hours in the back garden observing with my new scope. I saw the Andromeda galaxy too, and to the left of it and down a rounded smudge which I'm guessing would be M32?

I stayed up until 03.30 and had a good view of Jupiter. I could see the 4 moons and some banding on Jupiter. It seemed to get clearer the higher it rose into the sky.

All in all a great nights viewing and worth staying up for. ;)

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I had a great night getting to use my 2 new televue plossls, having only recieved them that day for my birthday! M13(stars with averted vision), M3, double cluster, moon, jupiter, and 2 satellites/bits of space junk flying through the eyepiece.


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I had clear but windy conditions last night, too windy to do much more than find Ceres then pack up again. Today is also windy, so tonight may be another waste, either than or I'll go looking North and East for a change........

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Happy Birthday Wurzil!

It all looked nice and clear here, got set up, focussed in on Vega, and the clouds rolled in.

Then the midges rolled in and I exited stage left asap. /sigh

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It was very annoying in Stockport. when the clouds shifted it appeared to be quite good seeing (I managed the split Pi Aquila with my refractor) but the clouds just kept on appearing from nowhere (mocking me). Eventually I gave up. Also saw the space station though and a couple of new doubles in Lyra so not all wasted time.

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