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Finally Decided ! I Think

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Well I Think I Have Made my mind up.:)

Next saturday I Will be going for......

as I Just cannot wait no longer. its my price range.

and buying both we both get to see,

as I Know we will end up fighting over who looks.lol

Plus we go away with the caravan some weekends out in the countryside,away from towns,street light etc:

so can take with me.

Drum roll !!!!!!!!

Skywatcher Explorer 150p eq3

150mm (6”) f/750 Parabolic Newtonian Reflector

and 15x70 Bino's

Celestron 15 x 70 Skymaster Binocular:

we already have a small tripod with our camcorder

Theres a shop not far from us,

and might try and make a deal. with buying both.

bog off...lol

Next thing on Ajenda digital Camera body:confused:

do these just lock on?

what do you all think?

Thank you for your help.Tis greatly appreciated

Also if you see my name on the bottom as always logged on

dont be suprised

it will be most likely there for the un-see-able future.lol

just looking at all the threads,locations of the stars,names,

what I Have been missing all these years thats above my head..

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I agree it's a good scope and you will really enjoy it. As for the dslr body question you will need a T adapter with a 1.25" or 2" nosepiece to fit your camera.

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Great choice, it's a fabulous scope, I've loved mine for the past 4 months, and have seen many wonderful sights through it, you wont be disappointed.

I have only just parted with mine for a 200P and it's a big beast :)

Clear skies and happy viewing


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Thank you everyone

sounds ok then, ;o)

I think maybe right size for putting in car and in caravan.

Roll on next saturday now.

oh and clear skies of course lol

it will be like christmas for me.how many sleeps? whoooo 7.

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Great choice and glad you went for brand new in the end. The binos are a good choice too but you'll need an adaptor for a camera tripod. I have the same ones and suggest you find Jupiter with it's moons in the early hours - it's a fascinating sight. To see the banding - train the scope on it and it's even more amazing. You might want to add an RA motor at some stage so you can track in a single plane (means less twiddling with the knobs).

Looking forward to hearing how you get on with it :rolleyes:

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