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  1. Or even better 'Antares' or even 'Icarus'...
  2. For me it's: Alien, Aliens Anything Stargate Star Trek Star Wars 4, 5 & 6 Sunshine Apollo 13 Saturn 3 (Farrah Fawcett) Battlestar Galactica Reboot (Six obviously....) Star Fleet (X-Bomber & Dai-X (grew up on this one) The Last Star Fighter Quite keen on The Clone Wars cartoons now too
  3. No neighbour sightings for me Has to be Saturn back when I had the 150P, can't wait to see it again through my 8" Newt..... weather permitting of course
  4. And here was me thinking it was budget cuts for one, how daft and far fetched an idea was that...... should have known it was aliens... Doh
  5. My 1st scope was the 150P and I absolutely loved it, saw loads with it, including Saturn and Jupiter, only got rid as I dropped on a 200P at a ridiculously cheap price..... Have read in some reviews that the PL is a little long and heavy for the EQ3-2 mount, never had any problems with the P though, and found for a beginner that it was really easy to setup and get going. Hope that helps anyway
  6. That sounds like a good thread to start also..... Made me chuckle
  7. Sky+ set ready to record, cheers for the heads-up...
  8. Cheers for the heads up, set for record and series linked
  9. Maybe we're going about this the wrong way, why not forget the buttered toast and strap two cats together, back to back.... Then the force they would exert on each other would cause continous rotation.......
  10. I'm intrigued by the concept of using wives as a propulsion system, would this also work on ex-wives? If so, I volunteer mine....
  11. Well said, I liked the show, being still a relative newbie I thought it was well balanced and designed to appeal to all. Thumbs up from me :D
  12. Totally agree with this statement, plus the 200P is a fantastic scope, I used to have the 150P, but managed to upgrade to a bargain 200P for only £25, just lucky I guess. Don't get me wrong though, the 150P is still a fantastic scope, and I saw many amazing sights through it, but I caught aperture fever, and the 200P was too good a bargan to miss....
  13. I got a collimator for my 200P, a pair of 10x50 bins and a subscription to Sky at Night, plus other non-astro related goodies. So can't complain.....
  14. Hosted by Brian Cox and Dara O'Briain apparently, with Jonathan Ross as he's a keen astronomer apparently.... Brian Cox's a legend, so should be good viewing... Ross gets starry-eyed for the BBC Jonathan Ross to co-present Stargazing Live | Media | guardian.co.uk
  15. I'm thinking more of a spin on the 'IT Crowd', maybe 'The SGL Crowd'......... would make interesting viewing, especially with some of the characters on this forum... :D
  16. I know it sounds mad, but I picked up my SkyWatcher 200P on an EQ5 (£369) on here for £175, and it was only 4 moths old and not a mark on it...... If you can hold out a little you'll be guaranteed to drop an an absolute as new bargain.... Trust me.... I sold my SkyWatcher 150P on here for £150 (was £219 when purchashased), so there are real bargains to have.... Agree with others though that a dob would be easier and probably cheaper to drop on though than a EQ mounted scope Andy
  17. I'm in total agreement, real celebs are those that have really strived to achieve something great for all mankind and as such people like these will remain remembered for all time. :) Not some five minute wonder with her B**bs out, yes "Jordan" I mean you!!!!
  18. For me it has to be Johannes Kepler, Edmund Halley, and the late Thomas M Back (just to throw a modern day one in the mix).
  19. That's really a good idea, I'd have bought one for sure, instead I'm left researching for weeks before taking the plunge, my next purchase is going to be a cheshire of some description, or maybe a laser collimater depending on price.....
  20. John Hurt playing S.R. Hadden.... think I may have to watch this now tonight....
  21. Managed to get mine from FLO for £219, seen them elsewhere at the moment for £219, so bargain of a price for such a capable scope
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