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  1. Oh ****! Not another end of the world. This'll be the fourth one I've celebrated. I've only just got over my millennium wave goodbye to the world hangover. Better get my beer and snacks order in early this time and beat the rush.
  2. I'm going to buy star then charge everyone £5 to look at it. Pointing at it will be a bargain @ 50p a time.
  3. Books are always a good investment. What have you read so far?
  4. Just as well it's gone then. Been consistently cloudy here so my astro library is expanding to fill the void. My bank account is turning into a bit of a black hole as it is.
  5. Astroboot? Guessing it was like a carboot for astro stuff?
  6. Save your money. Most cleaning products have silicone in them which leaves a thin layer that only attracts more dirt and dust over time. You'll end up with a yellow patina build up with more applications unless you clean off the old silicone. I use ordinary tap water with a splash of vinegar and a few drops of washing up liquid to clean plastics and metal. Applied with a good old yellow dust cloth or mutton cloth. Soak the cloth in that and wring it out till it's almost dry and work over the areas you want to clean. Then rub off with clean cloth before it drys. It's as good as anything you c
  7. Just when I thought i was out... they pull me back in.
  8. Just to report. I'm three chapters into this book and it's proving the cat's meow so far. Takes the beginner through the essentials and not too maths or tech heavy. I haven't really thought about anything too geographical since I left school a long time ago. This far in, the book is more jogging my memory than teaching me anything new. But that's no bad thing. Flicking through the latter chapters, there seems like a lot to learn, that will help when deciding and more importantly, putting into context just what it is I am looking at. Thanks Merlin66, I can see this book becoming a firm favouri
  9. ^^ Ideally you need at least motor drive on an eq mount for steady tracking. Goto finds the planets or stars then follows their path across the night sky. AZ mounts Like Dobsonians, are not really suited to the job.
  10. I only just sold my 200P flextube auto. But only because I live in an area where I couldn't really exploit it, and don't drive so it hardly ever got used. It's a good all-rounder and easy to use. You'll love it. And so will the kids.
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