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A few craters from 15 June


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From the 15th..

After completing the mosaic, I put the tubes between the barlow and camera... 250 of 1000 using 12-10bit mode. The conditions could have been a lot better

Mare Crisium


Patavius - Funerius


Pitiscus and surrounds I think


Enymion with Mare Humboldtianum in behind


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Thanks guys. Paul, it's the nature of the 12-10 bit companding mode. It certainly gets more details, but at the expense of a much reduced dynamic range, and that causes issues with over exposure, and reduces the frame rate. It's a typical compromise situation... I could probably have got away with a little brighter...

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Sorry... sure...

I used the QHY5v guide camera with a red filter and a UV/IR filter, with 60mm of extention tubing between it any my Ultima 2x Barlow. This is all connected onto my Celestron 80ED (80mm refractor). The tubes increase the magnification of the barlow by some amount, not sure how much exactly, probably by 1.5 to 2x without adding any more glass to the optical train. I did consider adding a star diagonal as well, but the seeing wasn't really up to capturing these. Mounted on my HEQ5, which is controlled by EQMOD, which makes it easy to adjust with a joystick.

The QHY5v has a choice of capture modes, 8 bit (normal), 10 bit (which has an odd issue if the shutter speed is to high with flickering) and 12-10 bit companding mode (I've no idea what that is, but the data capture is better, at the expense of a loss of dynamic range).

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Ah ok, so the extension tubing goes between the barlow and scope, that makes sense I think I read something about that somewhere. Might have to put some tubing down on my wish list of extra things to get :)

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