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First mobile pics with Tal100r


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Hi Gord.

Yeah, the resolution doesn't seem too bad but was kind of hoping the bigger res chip might eat a little more light from the eyepiece. The phones getting upgraded next week anyway so will see if more is indeed more. Will be keeping the old phone as a PAYG aswell but it will not be used for calls... it will go straight into my Astro kitbox as dedicated fun imaging gear (-;

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Thanks James. Hi Moondog. Yup I love my 100r - couldn't leave it be though, that's where the 2" mod came in. I know I could've traided it in for the RS model but just didn't want to get rid of it. If it ever does leave me it'll be on the day they PRY IT FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS!!! How are you gettin on with the 125R? Is it as good as it should be? Your old 100RS is sat up at Sunderland on my old EQ5. Couldn't afford to donate it free like you did but at least the RS is on a heavy mount eh?

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Hi SteelRat

Yes - the 100R needed the 2" mod.

I thnk the 125R is as good as it should be - I really wanted the extra aperture for looking at DSO's and it's paid off. The optics seem to have a bit more bite and less CA than my previous scope as well. It's not the value for money that the 100R/RS is. That model always seemed to be the loss leader for TAL. I don't think that people believe that the TAL100 can be any good for the money - how wrong they are!

Good to hear something of my old 100RS - I'm still awaiting a report on it from the new owner.

Keep up the moon pics with the mobile they're very good


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125r sounds great then - still wouldnt let my 100 go tho. Wouldn't mind a look through a klevsov too but I'm really a frac man at heart. Haven't heard back from DF either but sure he's havin fun.

Will post 1st light pics when I get my new imaging equipment (mobile phone upgrade :laugh: ahem) when I get a clear one for it. WTS!

All the best

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Excellent Images Steelrat.

Had to reply to this as both you and Moondog have been on this post.

Had my scope up for the first time (because I have been away all summer) last night using the mount I bought off you and Moondogs Tal 100RS.

I was amazed at the clarity and detail even with the 6.25mm plossl.

Will try to use my pentax digital camera to take pics with it.

Can't wait till the weekend as I intend to go up to Kielder.

Haven't quite managed to get the motors track the object properly yet but I'm sure it will



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