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Report 13/7/06 - Success! (Warning Long Post)


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Ok I'm going to waffle on again (bey your bored of this now lol)

Having mauled the scope down a flight of stairs, set it up and lined up the finder using Jupiter, I was greeted by the GRS! I was well pleased as its the first time I could properly see it! I spent a few mins looking at the big un' and then went back in the house to let the scope cool (I don't use the fan, someone told me not too)

Having com back out about half hour later, to find one of my cats curled up asleep on the mount, I went for something simple - M29 in Cygnus. I could see it fantastic in the 2" 26mm EP. I always think open clusters are a little underrated as everyone mainly talks about the globs.

From M29 I decided to look at Albireo, wow they look pretty dim in the sky using just the eye, but through the 26mm EP it was fantastic I took a picture Afocal which I was pleased about!


From there I went for the dreaded M57..I have yet to see it properly. Having had a little practise with the new finder (I'm used to the red dot) I almost screamed when there it was! in the 26mm EP there was a tiny little glowing blue ring!! I couldn't believe it! I was determined to find it tonight, and I did it! I then boosted the power to 6.5mm 1.25" EP..I was just in awe! I mean how many everyday joes have seen this, how many even know its there?? It's quite remarkable!

From there I went looking for some Galaxy's around Ursa Major..I couldn't see much as UMa was sitting above a streetlight, however I did take this pic of Mizar and Alcor..


Having left UMa to itself, I scooted over to Cassiopeia, First thing I views was M103 I nice little open cluster this is, though I like M29 better! I also took a look at the Owl Cluster.

At this point I went in for a cuppa, it's quite chilly tonight!!!

When I came back out, some knob had decided to be funny and stuck chewing gum on the finder, thankfully not on any of the lenses, but a needless prank anyway..idiots. So having pulled that off and chucked it over the fence, I went to M13. I still can't believe how different it looks from the Tasco scope, so many little stars! It's quite something seeing them all in one place!

From there to Sagitta - something new in resume of constellations, it's very small and to be fair, I thought it would be [removed word] in the sky for some reason. I soon found M71 which was cool, I had never seen this cluster, so its another Messier under my belt.

I seem to have problems finding M27 in Vulpecula, any tips on this? I was using the 26mm Ep, then power up when I find it..however I couldn't see it! Does it stand out like the Ring does? It's not going anywhere so there always another night for that!

Another new constellation for me tonight was Perseus! The double cluster was brilliant! thanks Phil for pointing that out to me in another thread. Being my first double I was really impressed! looked really nice..almost as nice as M29! (I think I have a soft spot for that because it was my first 'open')

That was it really, my mate who gives me a hand lugging up and down the stairs was moaning that he was tired so I thought I better let him go to bed, so I packed up.

I had a really good night with the Dob tonight, most importantly I'm getting used to the new style finder, though I wish at times it had a diagonal!

I also stood the scope on some of the recycling boxes you have off the council, it raised the hight abit for the scope, so it wasn't as much a strain on my back, though it could do with being abit higher still.

Saturday will be the best, I'm hopefully taking it to a dark site, so then the fun will really begin.

Oh and can someone lend me an air rifle? though satellites whizzing past are distracting lol!

Sorry for waffling on!


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Kain, nice to read the events of someone enjoying their hobby...Since I've begun DSO imaging I haven't taken time to really enjoy "seeing" what's out there. I need to set aside a night or two of visual astronomy soon...thanks for writing of your adventures.


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A great enthusiastic report Kain - keep 'em coming!

Being able to find and see M57 for the first time is a challenge.... it looks initially like very faint blue/grey smoke ring and you think perhaps you've just imagined it ..... but crank up the power and there it is. Well done!


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