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Short tube 100mm refractors?

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Yeah, but i was looking at slightly higher quality optics.... An f6 ED100 would be ideal if i could knock a zero off the £2000 price tag!

The problem is that at f5 or f6 you either pay for an apo (or semi) or you have to live with the Skywatchers and their clones. Theres no getting round that a 100mm f5/f6 achro will show false colour.

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the 102/660mm TS looks interesting, but it just doesn't have the same "owwww nice" quality the sentinel has. Plus they recommend you use a yellow filter to combat false colour, which puts me off. It looks like it's the sentinel then. I can live with that i guess. Was just wondering if there was a 100mm equivilent that wasn't over my budget.

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Yeah. I think the 80mm sentinel would be better quality. If I dip a little deeper though i can have a William Optics zenithstar ED80 for about £450. A little more than the synta ed80 but it's a much nicer tube and better optics i think. Seems the way forward.

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hey Gordon, you and i seem to go through the same scope buying saga and end up with the same scopes/mounts. Then regret it or realise it was a bad move and start all over again.

The 80mm ED was my saga from 2 weeks ago. So very nearly went for Ric's Moonfish, it really is the best combination of quality/optics/looks. In the end £400 was a little over budget and more than a secondhand 100ED. So secondhand 80ED ready converted to WO focuser it was. I still wonder whether i should have gone for the Moonfish though.

One interesting note for you Gordon. I was reading today that the Synta 80ED (Skywatcher, Orion, Celestron) maybe the only manufacturer that uses FPL53 glass. The reviewer who was looking at the Astro-tech AT80ED was sure a lot of manufacturers were using FPL51 glass.

Which ever you go for, it will be a good match for the CG5.


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Hehe you're not wrong Russ!! We do seem to mirror each other at the moment! Although I always seem one step behind you so I always get good deals on kit lol

Steve, i was looking for something smaller that I could mount on a little SLT or similar. The f/10 is a bit long for the small celestron mount.

Ric's moonfish ED80 seems about perfect, and i doubt i'll miss the 20mm aperture too much, especially when im a visual observer rather than a CCD guy. A moonfish 80ED on a SLT is about what im after at the moment. Tonight is a perfect example I think. Half a bottle of red wine down, Judge Dredd on the TV (duff i know) and a clear sky. I can't be bothered to drag out the CG5 and the ED100 but a 80mm on a SLT that can be setup in 5mins might get more use. Then for the winter a 10" Revelation dob for all those yummy DSO's. Seems like a good idea to me. Although i just know when i have those 2 scopes i'll want something else hehe

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