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Revelation 80 APO

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This ones winking at me :D

Revelation 80mm APO Refractor


Pre-order price £399

The Revelation 80 APO boasts an extra low dispersion doublet apochromat lens in a highly polished tube with retractable dewshield with precision CNC metal construction. The optics will show the finest high contrast images with colour correction only possible with apochromat lenses. The focusser is a two inch crayford with zero backlash and twin speed. The telescope comes complete with a handsome alluminium case for safe storage and transportation.


APO Doublet refractor D80 F550mm F6.8

Retractable dewshield

Deluxe alluminium hard case

Crayford twin speed focusser 11 to 1

2.0" to 1.25" Adaptor

Standard 1/4 WW tripod adaptor

Weight 3.0 kg

Length 18.1"


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If the construction is anything like the one you showed us at the

first SP it will be a corker especialy with an APO lens.

Does this mean you are thinking of getting one for yourself

or just gonna borrow one for a while?

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Yes, if the opportunity arises :D

I'd like to compare it with my Revelation 80.

Jamie, I have only 'borrowed' two Revelation products - a 10" Dob and the Revelation 80 - and bought them both :D

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This one doesn't seem to have the same machining as the previous Revlation 80.

The Apograde version was F6.9 for the original and the focuser was a 1:10 reduction.

Maybe I am reading to much into the success of the original Revelation 80 :shock: :?

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