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  1. We should arrive late afternoon before sunset so Mike if you could arrange for the wind to die down and the rain to clear off and then some clear skies that would be nice! Sorry Andy you are out of luck again!
  2. Setting off very soon, sky seems to be clearing from the Southwest! Should be there about 20:30
  3. For cameras already modded try here < http://www.astronomiser.co.uk/moddeddslrs.htm#1100d >
  4. Might be a bit late but have You tried the Astrotrac Yahoo group. < http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/astrotrac/ > Worth a look.
  5. We will be on Red 409 tomorrow afternoon hopefully!
  6. Gorffwys mewn hedd Kev. Ar un gyda'r sêr a dim mwy o boen.
  7. My better half has more scopes than Me a better understanding of the physics involved in astronomy than Me has a 1st class Hon degree in Physical Science makes up actual proper observing lists before going out But she hates the cold and needs to go to bed early Im perfectly suited to the cold and Im the right build to lift and carry all the assoociated kit needed for observing and astrophotography I also have the patience of a Saint when it comes to finding and fixing problems real or imagined So I would say We compliment eachother
  8. If You can change the booking dates go for it You will enjoy it. We go for both the Spring and Autumn events and enjoy them both.
  9. Nope just those night when the bbc were there! They did Ron and it was hilarious to watch them trying to put them up themselves. Without the rain and cloud it wouldn’t be Kielder! The mirror was cleaned before the cameras got there but being an open tube in an open turret it gets mucky quick! Definately, so if anyone is thinking of going to the Autumn event book now or you will be disappointed.
  10. Either one stopped down a bit will work fine.
  11. Lo Graham We use Hama batteries in a variety of Canons and have had no problems at all. This is the one for Your 550D < 7dayshop.com - Online Store > Hope this helps.
  12. Did a bit of digging and it seems that mirror lock is available using the 2 second timer, as I dont have an 1100D I cant test it. Anyone care to try?
  13. If I have read the spec sheets right the 1100D has mirror lock up as a custom function.
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