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Wrist watches for astronomers?

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I use a Casio Mod.No. 4335 4348. This illuminates with a pale blue light at the touch of a button and shows the phase of the moon, its age and the state of the tide! Also gives a rough indication of the temperature. Costs about £20.

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I wear an Acqua Indiglo digital watch by Timex. I cost 30 bucks, loses about a few seconds a month so I keep it up to date by listening to CBC occasionally. It has nice big digits so I can read it at night without reading glasses and I use it for timing Iridium Flares and satellites more than for astronomy. It's bright enough to read, but not so bright that it interferes with my night vision, and I've had it for several years on the same battery.

The stop watch feature is handy for timing the passage of stars across the FOV when I want to get an estimate of the actual FOV.

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Cheap and cheerful Casio with hands and a backlight, but for setting the goto I have to get the torch out to when I forget the date and the date display is still too dark to read.

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I picked up one of these (http://www.mappamundi.co.uk/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=66_78&produ cts_id=745) wristwatches last year and thought I'd mention it.

It's pretty handy at a glance to spot major constellations while learning my way around the sky and serves as a quick way to plan a session. It's got a highly phosporescent face too so it glows in the dark for hours.

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