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  1. Thanks for the reply. I was wondering if I'd be able to get away with using Apple Aperture (I've already got that), but it doesn't do layers, so from the sound of it I'd be better off looking at something else. Paint Shop Pro looks like a good option, but I'm tempted by Photoshop Elements as well, as apparently if you buy the boxed version, you get the Windows and OS X versions together, so I could put one copy on my laptop, and one on my desktop :-).
  2. As someone that's looking at doing some basic DSLR imaging, this is an interesting read. What adjustments need to be made in the image editor? Is it just levels / curves, or do you need to stack layers? Do you even need layer functionality if you use another program to do the stacking, for example? Sorry if this is a daft question, I've only just started to look in to simple imaging. Thanks, Dave.
  3. After a comment someone made to me at a meeting of thenastronomy club im a member of, I've been looking at the Astrotrac mount, as it looks like a good way to get started in astrophotography. I was looking at the kit with the tripod and heads. The camera kit I have is as follows: Canon 600D 15-85mm 70-200 f4 50mm f1.8 I won't be buying any new lenses for a long time if I get the Astrotrac, so I'll be working with what I have. Also, I'd like to be able to use my TV-85 scope on it if possible for some portable, easy to set up, tracking visual observing. What else would I need in order to make a good start in imaging? I'm thinking mainly about software for controlling the camera (if needed - can it be done from the camera's controls?), and for processing the images afterwards (I guess some sort of stacking software, and some editing software to tweak the stacked images?). I have a Mac laptop, but don't want to rely on using that in the field - I do have an old laptop running XP that I could use, or even run linux on (is there any Linux software for this sort of thing? Just a left field option). I also have a regular pc running windows 7. I'd prefer to do the processing on the desktop or the Mac if possible. However, if I can take the images using only the camera controls, that's be better, as it's less kit to set up. EDIT: can the Astrotrac do different speeds for solar, lunar etc? Or will the exposure times for the subs be short enough that it won't matter? Regards, Dave.
  4. Been away for a bit, but coming back I've discovered the Skytee2 mount, which looks ideal for mounting my 9.25" ota on. I have a couple questions I hope someone can help with. 1) How much does the actual mount weigh? 2) Would it cope with the Celestron 9.25" ota without counterweights? The ota weighs 9kg without a diagonal or eyepiece. Thanks, Dave.
  5. Shame. I think the black ones look really smart, but it's not a deal breaker if I go the dob route. LOL, I love it .
  6. This is a question for anyone that's bought a Skywatcher Skyliner dob recently (the solid tube ones, not the flex tube version), or if someone from FLO happens to know the answer... Do the Skyliner dobs come with a white tube or do they now have the rather fetching speckled black paint jobs like the flex tubes and the OTAs they sell separately (and the Pro series refractors and maks)? Just wondering, because I might get a dob, and I really like the look of the black tubes . Thanks, Dave.
  7. Paulo, Those Telrad charts are a bit of a revelation for me - it makes it look quite easy to find stuff with a Telrad finder. I'm going to have to look in to them now... Thanks, Dave.
  8. (puts fingers in ears)LA LA LA I'M NOT LISTENING! Besides, I'm trying to convince myself that it won't offer any improvement over my TV85...
  9. I've got a Vixen Porta Pro mount, and have read a number of reports (mainly on CN) of users that have put wooden legs on the mount to replace the original ones to help make it more sturdy and reduce damping times. Does anyone know where I can get a set of wooden legs from, preferably in the UK? Thanks, Dave.
  10. Zooms better be good... I just ordered a Nagler 3-6 Zoom .
  11. I've been thinking about getting one of these to go with my TV85, based on recommendations over at Cloudy Nights. The general consensus was similar to what people have said here, i.e. it's a very good eye piece, and is versatile - you can change the focal length according to seeing conditions. The FOV is narrow, which is my main concern - I'm using a manual alt-az mount, so tracking is a concern. Dave.
  12. Brian, Thanks for that, it's very useful. The reason I'm asking is I don't currently have any high power EPs for my scope (max is 100x at the moment), and I want to get some idea of how often I will have to move my scope if I go up in power. Or should I just accept the fact that it'll be easier to get a tracking scope? Dave.
  13. Daft question, but how long does it take for an object to cross the field of view at: 1) 100x, 1 degree TFOV, 100 degree AFOV Ethos EP (this is what I get with my TV85 and a 6mm Ethos). 2) 200x, 0.5 degree TFOV, 100 degree AFOV Ethos EP (proposed 10" dob with 6mm Ethos, or the TV85 with 6mm Ethos and 2x barlow). 3) 300x, 0.33 degree TFOV, 100 degree AFOV Ethos EP (10" dob with 8mm Ethos and 2x barlow). Thanks, Dave.
  14. I recently ordered some non-astro kit from the US, some high end headphones and an amp and DAC to drive them, both from separate suppliers. The amp/DAC was sent via UPS took two days door to door, but I had to pay about 30% extra for duties, handling etc. Good service IMO. The headphones came via USPS, but took just over a week (similar to Mike's experience), and I paid less as they were declared at a lower value - although as Dennis said, the problem with this is that if you need to claim, you can't claim the full amount. I was able to track the parcel, and it only took two days to get into the UK customs, then there was a delay of about a week getting it to the Parcelforce depot. There was a further complication in that I got a letter with the charges on saying 'come and collect it', but this was obviously generated by someone else, as when I went to the depot to pick it up, I was told it wasn't there and it hadn't been released by customs! So I had to go back the next day . Overall, I've had reasonable experiences buying from the US, the only hiccup being the recent delay with USPS. I expect to pay the duty and handling, so this doesn't bother me, as the things I buy are either not available in the UK, or I'm saving quite a bit on buying from here. Dave.
  15. I've got a Horizon 8115 tripod that I use with my Helios Apollo 15x70 binoculars, but as I pan the head, it starts unscrewing from the tripod! Obviously I can get around this by only panning in the direction that tightens but that's not really convenient. So, what can I do to make the head stay put on the tripod? Would some sort of thread lock be a good idea? Or have I missed something fundamental? Thanks, Dave.
  16. Is there a completely manual GEM EQ mount that can handle a Celestron 9.25" OTA (about 10kg + diagonal, EP etc.), for purely visual purposes? Preferrably one that's quite light as well? If I can get a simple to use one that doesn't need motors and alignment, that I can plop down on the ground, point towards Polaris, and be off viewing with the minimum of fuss, then I think I would get to use the OTA a lot more than I do at the moment, which is basically never! The other alternative is to get a dob, but then I'd have another scope hanging around...
  17. John, Interesting looking mount, it looks to be along the lines of the Giro mount (also WO EZ Touch, Skywatcher etc.). I couldn't find it on the Ambermile web site, so I assume it's a discontinued item . Availability not withstanding, I'd be interested to know what sort of weight it can handle on one side - I would love to have a simple alt-az mount for my Celestron C9.25 OTA, but it's heavy at around 10kg without anything else like diagonal, eyepiece etc!
  18. Based on the amount I just paid for my 8mm Ethos, I hope the combination is like sticking your head into a murk pond. With tadpoles. Only kidding! Am I right in saying that an ep with a barlow will have longer eye relief than a dedicated ep of the same effective focal length? Assuming the eye relief scales with focal length in the EP design of course.
  19. Fortunately for me, I'm using a TV85 refractor, so I already get really wide views with the 13mm, much wider and I might just as well use my binoculars . So the 21mm is off the list, at least until I either get off my behind and start using my C9.25, or I get a dob... If they expand the line below 6mm though, I'm in trouble! However, I'm really hoping they don't as you can cover the low end with a longer FL Ethos and a barlow. Dave.
  20. I bought another EP today, and have now doubled my number of Ethos EPs! I already had the 13mm, and now I've just added the 8mm as well. Sadly the weather isn't cooperating tonight for a first light, but based on using the 13mm, I have high hopes .
  21. John, Great to hear that you've got the GOTO working! Makes one wonder why SkyWatcher pulled the official plug on making it available. Would it work OK without the GPS mouse? I guess you'd just input your lat/long and time if you didn't have the GPS, just like on regular SW GOTO mounts... Dave.
  22. John, thanks for the heads up - added to my shopping list... .
  23. I'm thinking about getting a really good pair of 10x50s.
  24. I might have to check out my local branch to see if they have them in stock...
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