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  1. Sci Fi Guy

    From my bedroom window

    Self explanatory really :)
  2. I'd like to apologise for the tossers I work with, who log in to my account and think it's funny to write stuff about my ***. I hate them all and will change my details so they can't do it again. dicks, the lot of them.
  3. To quote from 'MovieMistakes.com'..... When the three guys are out on the boat in the dark looking for the shark, a meteor shoots past Roy's right shoulder - this meteor was a real one. In the next few frames another meteor shoots across the top of the frame - this meteor is CG, added in post-production, which is Spielberg's trademark.
  4. Absolutely typical! Was cloudy as hell all day, but started to clear up as I was finishing work. Managed to cloud over again by the time I got home, so I went and got some cider, and now that I'm too nailed to hike my scope down to the garden, it's clear as the proverbial whistle. I can't win.
  5. BTW, What's the best thing for sore bums? Mine was pretty sore when I woke up this morning, but I can't remember much of last night. Any ideas??
  6. Isn't it supposed to clear up nicely after all this rain? My usual online weather site seems to disagree but Sky News seemed quite optimistic this morning.
  7. I picked up one of these (http://www.mappamundi.co.uk/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=66_78&produ cts_id=745) wristwatches last year and thought I'd mention it. It's pretty handy at a glance to spot major constellations while learning my way around the sky and serves as a quick way to plan a session. It's got a highly phosporescent face too so it glows in the dark for hours.
  8. Yeah I think I prefer the blue tones too. I'll spend my evening trying to find the high-res.
  9. You're welcome to it Richie, but I've got a horrible sinking feeling that I've deleted it accidentally. I basically aimed my camera at a likely area of sky and held down the shutter button and let it snap away. I had about 200 shots of nothing before I caught the lightning and needed to clear the memory card to have a go again. Anyone know of any good data recovery software?
  10. Thanks guys, nice work there. Do you mind if I put them on my Flikr page? I'll credit your input of course. Any more for any more?
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