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  1. Hi, I've tried but not even getting to the point where I need to enter the characters clicking on the map does nothing Tried using both IE and Firefox, any ideas?
  2. Hi all, been a while since I posted, just left the Cheese Ring quarry in East Cornwall. Went climbing had a few issues on the route and we ended up' shall we say practicing rope work in the dark! But boy what a clear sky fantastic viewing with the naked eye, took us a few hours to retreat with everyone safley so spent my time looking up!
  3. Hi Just got myself a Nokia E71, I was wondering if anyone knew of any astronomy applications for it. Thanks Neil
  4. Hi, I'm just trying out the internet on my mobile phone, does anyone have any good astronomy links I could try out. Ta Neil
  5. Hi Highflight, Yes you are, sometimes I've not had a choice!!!!!!!!!
  6. Thats good going you guys should try the three peaks with dobs next
  7. Hi All Clear sky, day off tomorrow and my birthday so.... plan is to observe with my scope and have a crack at some wide field shots never know may catch a meteor!! I've got a Cannon 350d kit lens 18-55 and a Sigma 70-300, standard tripod. Does anyone have any handy hints???? Thanks Neil
  8. Hi, I arranged to meet a friend who had group of children on their adventure week, on Dartmoor, she had them sleeping out a few miles into wild country. I was working else where so drove onto Dartmoor at about 23:30 abandoned my car, took a look at the map, felt confident and walked in. At about 01:00 had to admit to myself I was "dis orientated" and decided to bivvi where I was. So slept in my bivvi bag under the stars (it did clear briefly at night)on my own (apart from the sheep), wonderful!! Woke up walked in had the **** mercilessly taken out of me for being an ML who got lost and watched the very over cast sky get dark then light again. I do have 2 very distinct memories from that day, when darkness decended all of the animals went silent, no bird song, nothing. After getting off the moor using the back roads being the only car on the A38 heading into Plymouth and the other north bound carridgeway being at a stand still with the sheer volume of traffic. Wow forgot all about that until I read the thread. Neil
  9. Hi John, Thanks for that link that looks very interesting I think I will go for that opotion when I find the time. Will allow the laptop to be up and running whilst I search slowly search for the drivers and get round to re installing all the software.
  10. Hi Catanonia, I consider myself to have a good knowledge of computers but wouldn't know how to create a dual boot machine although that sounds like a perfect solution, I've got a 250gb HDD on the laptop so plenty of space. Do you know of any walk throughs that can guide me through the process Cheers Neil
  11. Hi Steve, Didn't consider that, now there's an option, do you know if you can do this via a partition rather than a physical drive?? Neil
  12. Hi Jayla Thanks, yes I've checked their site but they only suppply the basic drivers nothing for the processors, network cards, video card etc that I think will be the time consuming bit tracking down each individual device on the manufacturers website. For the installation it would have to be a clean install format over the Vista partition and then install XP from scratch. A time consuming process but... the gains could be worth it. Neil
  13. Hi, Not sure if I'm in the correct section but here goes. I've had some "problems" with Vista running some of my Planaterium software and am considering "downgrading" although I consider it an upgrade to XP Pro. Has anyone tried this, the laptop I am planning to do this with is a HP Pavillion DV6615em which is not supported by HP for use with XP, so it will be a search for motherboard drivers, ethernet cards, wireless cards, processor updates etc etc. To my point,has anyone else considred this or even succeded in doing it I'd love to learn for your "challenges". Thanks Neil
  14. Hi Pete, Welcome from South East Cornwall, just over the ferry into Cornwall so not far from you at all. To my shame I've only been up n Dartmoor once to observe but when I did it was fantastically cold or dark or both.... Neil PS Harmartolos, you any where near Torpoint?
  15. Sorry to hear of your loss, I lost my father over 20 years ago to cancer, good luck Neil
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