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Hi there


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Hi there Everyone,

My name is Colin, and I live in the East of England, having been passive in astronomy for a few years, by that I mean reading all about it and buying the mags that are available, but till now never been able to afford a good telescope, I joined the forum, so that I would be able to get as much info as possible, before starting my quest in finding the right scope for myself, and you lot seem to enjoy sharing what knowledge you have with other, judging by the posts I`ve read so far. Sorry for ranting on , get carried away sometimes. :)


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Hi Colin welcome to the forum.

When choosing a scope it might be good for you to get in contact with your local Astronomy Society at least that way you would be able to see other scopes /look through them, i am sure that would go a long way to helping you make your mind up as to which scope is best for you

depending on £££ and what you are intending to use it for --- observing / imaging.

Don't be afraid to ask any questions that you may have because there is a wealth of knowledge here and lots of people only too willing to give the proper advice.

( Sorry Admins/Mods for replying in this section i know it will be moved accordingly )

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Yeah I think we meant to lock the general intro thread so everyone could start their own intro underneath. No worries, Jamie. Taken care of now.

Anyway Colin a very warm welcome to the asylum. This is a new but growing forum & we certainly have some people here well qualified to give advice on buying a new scope. As Jamie says, joining a local astro society can be useful, as you may get a chance to try out some of the various types on offer. You'll find a list for the UK at http://cgi.fedastro.force9.co.uk/public/xfas/society.php

Also checkout the thread here at http://stargazerslounge.iseestars.net/index.php/topic,141.0.html

Most of all..................enjoy! :)

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Seeing as Andy and Jamie have done such a good job of explaining things for you there's nothing much to add except [glow=red,2,300]Welcome to the Forum [/glow] Colin i hope you enjoy yourself here and i know you will get all the help needed from us all..

James :)

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